AC 1.1 _obvious_ cases of cheat
thank you jamz.
i was sure he was hacking - too much headshots.
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Definitely. Of his 50 kills in the match I saw him in, 50 were headshots. That about sums it up. More proof, if anyone needs it:
He's still around, btw.
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//name: antiban
//reason: speed hack
//server: BCFH-Urbaz!
//date: 2011-2-5
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sry, should have posted this here...
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//name: john23, WADDUP
//also: They were both playing on the same IP address; JB|Justinbieber was playing on the same ip at the sime time in the same server as well when it happened, So I am not sure if he played any part in this; I was at my house thus if you notice my very low ping...
//Ban date: 7/2/11
//server: |FOX| Clan Server
//Reason: speed hacking, illegal map
// [] client john23 called a vote: load map 'douze' in mode 'ctf'
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(06 Feb 11, 01:00AM)GeneralDisarray Wrote: //name: antiban
//reason: speed hack
//server: BCFH-Urbaz!
//date: 2011-2-5

Hmm similar range to this one.

//name: j546_public_hac
//reason: Speedhack
//proof: - From Boomhauer
//comment: In the same range as the above quoted speedhacker, maybe the same person?

Already posted but I thought i'd include the 2 ips. He was banned from an ausD server but returned with a new ip, both the ips that he used are above.

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You 100% its that same guy?
One IP is France and the other is Sweden.

The one GD has reported is France to. France France Telecom.

So if it keeps getting reported speedhack from that ISP just use a range ban.
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(08 Feb 11, 07:34AM)DES|OpenSource Wrote: You 100% its that same guy?
Yes, it's the same person:
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//name: WADDUP
//reason: cheating - speed hack
//map: ac_desert
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//name: SpeedDemon
//reason: Speed hacking and having grenades in a OSOK mode
//proof: [Image: 20110209031922acdouzeos.jpg]
//map: AC_Douze
//comment: 24.205.101.x
Also there was this person there called ~RDP~8-D that was asking the hacker what the website was for the hacks his ip is 68.226.89.x Also the hacker said that he didnt care if he was blacklisted because he was at starbucks doing this. Kinda idiotic but whatever.Also since my slow internet doesnt allow me to get demos in game I took a SS of him holding the grenades in the OSOK mode and another person voting for him to be kicked.

Woops very sorry i posted the wrong SS the vote kick one is this one ill edit it.
Offtopic: I actually sniped him while he was speedhacking can u believe that?!?!? im to awesome :)
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//name: yousuck
//reason: speedhacking
//map: ac_elevation
//server: tyd{pennywise}
//Comment: I can't get the demo as the sever doesn't allow it, and there are no current demos at same player as above.

It seems like alot more speedhacks and stuff are coming out in the new version, they all seem to rely on lag/having a ping of around 600 to achieve what they do.
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//name: Cerberus, |GIRL|Britney!, |GIRL|ANGIE
//reason: Speed hack
//proof: [Image: e12d3.jpg]
Demo here!!
//map: AC_desert DM
//comment: Theyre all using hacks, btw u can watch demo and see the conversation talking about how to use speed hack and bla bla, and then an impersonator joined as |DES|opensorce, sorry i didnt get ip !!

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// SpeedDemon full IP:

Uploaded with
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Can we please keep this thread for reporting '_obvious_' cheats, with adequate proof, only?
edit: If you don't have the demo, or the cheat is otherwise not obvious to people reading your post, please put it in the normal blacklist thread, here.
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// Name: Armageddon, aka JGAN, *rAgE*borat, {FsC}fragBike, borat, godspeed*sigh*
// Ban date: 2011-02-10
// Ban reason: Modified hitbox,
// Proof: -
Any of the above demos will do. He's nowhere near the head in 90% of all the shots in all demos.
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//Name: wo, DeusEx17, TruceBoy
//Ban Reason: cheater, infinite nades/shotgun/speed hack
//Server: Pohutukawa, Tuatara
//Proof 1:
//Proof 2:
//Ban Date: 17 feb. 2011
Demo 1
Demo 2

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// Name: samus, aka [ED]craken466
// Ban date: 2011-02-14
// Ban reason: speedhack
// Proof: - -
Joins around 11 minutes remaining. Link to demo.
Feb 11 23:26:15 ac-jamz AssaultCube[justice]: [] client connected
Feb 11 23:26:16 ac-jamz AssaultCube[justice]: [] samus logged in (default), AC: 1104|840

I've communicated these details to [ED]Alex007, and he was concerned that the clan were the victims of an impersonator.
Since he first used the tag on 4 December, [ED]craken466 has connected to the master server, almost exclusively from the ranges listed above. There are no other connections from these ranges, except for names, such as samus, which share an IP address with a connection from [ED]craken466, eg.
12/02/2011  baritonico
12/02/2011  [ED]craken466
11/02/2011  [ED]craken466
12/02/2011  samus
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// Name: LadyGaga
// Ban date: February 21 2011
// Ban reason: Speedhack
// Server: BillyBobs server
// Proof:
Demo Connects just before 5 minutes remaining.
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Ban date: 2/27/2011
Ban reason: speedhack
Proof: 77.94.194 x
[Image: 20110227_07.34.37_ac_shine_CTF.jpg]

Name: Marijuana
Ban date: 2/27/2011
Ban reason: admitting to speedhacking
Proof: no IP missed the whois
[Image: 20110227_07.35.31_ac_snow_OSOK.jpg]
[Image: 20110227_07.36.25_ac_snow_OSOK.jpg]

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(27 Feb 11, 09:08AM)Joe Smith Wrote: Name: GOOGLE.RU

He missed what server it was in. It was the =SA= Dedicated Clan Server (to check logs for Marijuana's IP).
Mod edit: no need to quote everything.
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// Name: [H]F]usi[O]n
// Ban date: 2011-03-10
// Ban reason: speedhack
// Proof:
Joins around 10 minutes remaining. Link to demo. Get ac_noct here, if you don't have it.
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// Name: Sumthinkewl
// Ban date: March 15 2011
// Ban reason: Speedhack
// Server: DES|Biohazard
// Proof:
Demo See him speedhack around 7.30 trm
Mar 14 23:19:51 [] Sumthinkewl logged in (default), AC: 1104|840
Mar 14 23:20:33 [] Sumthinkewl fast burst assault 57 [anticheat]
Mar 14 23:20:33 [] Sumthinkewl fast burst assault 46 [anticheat]
Mar 14 23:20:42 [] Sumthinkewl fast burst assault 45 [anticheat]
Mar 14 23:20:43 [] Sumthinkewl fast burst assault 60 [anticheat]
Mar 14 23:21:20 [] Sumthinkewl tried to pick up entity #200 (pistol), distance 56.97 (1)
Mar 14 23:21:20 [] Sumthinkewl tried to pick up entity #200 (pistol), distance 56.97 (2)
Mar 14 23:21:20 [] Sumthinkewl tried to pick up entity #200 (pistol), distance 56.97 (3)
Mar 14 23:22:11 [] Sumthinkewl fast burst assault 70 [anticheat]
Mar 14 23:22:12 [] Sumthinkewl fast burst assault 68 [anticheat]
Mar 14 23:22:12 [] Sumthinkewl fast burst assault 54 [anticheat]
Mar 14 23:22:12 [] Sumthinkewl fast burst assault 45 [anticheat]
Mar 14 23:22:12 [] Sumthinkewl fast burst assault 36 [anticheat]
Mar 14 23:22:12 [] Sumthinkewl fast burst assault 30 [anticheat]
Mar 14 23:22:26 [] Sumthinkewl fast move [anticheat]
Mar 14 23:22:26 [] Sumthinkewl speedhack [anticheat]
Mar 14 23:22:26 [] disconnecting client Sumthinkewl (auto-kick - abnormal client behavior detected) cn 0, 155 seconds played, score saved
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// Name: Death
// Ban date: March 18 2011
// Ban reason: Speedhack
// Server: DES|Biohazard
// Proof demo:
Demo From start of round
Screenshot of IP
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// Name: cj
// Reason: Speedhack
// Server: Billybob's Server ladder serv
// IP:
// Proof demo:
// IP Screenshot:


edit: Now full IP. Thanks OS!
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// Full IP for cj:
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//Names: Kageyo , [~Khanz~]Zhanz
//Date: 3/20/11
//Reason: Gunhack: Infinite ammo, and Recoil cheat
//Server: SERVER  THC  CHILE Thc_injectED :P :P :P :P
Screenshot of ip
Screenshot2 of ip

Thanks to Medusa for the full ip :D

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//name: iwillhelpu!
//date: march 25, 2011
//server: |FOX| Clan Server
//reason: speed hacking
//proof: Demo here
// Screenshot here
//comes in at 13 minutes in the demo

//Offtopic note: Props to JB's map and props to my nickname :P
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//Name: NewBross
//Ban Reason: speedhack
//Ban Date: March 28 2010, 09:00 GMT
//Server: NZ|kiwi
Demo NewBross connects at 4 minutes remaining
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// Name: hoenn, aka -xW-#T.cRu3L^, previously H3iLi
// Ban date: 2011-04-02
// Ban reason: speedhack
// Proof:
Links to images 1, 2, 3.
This one is not so much an obvious cheat, because I can't show the demo (he reveals how to get hold of the cheat). However, the first two screenshots are quite incriminating. The third, showing the IP, is courtesy of vern (thankyou vern ;) ). I got the full IP from the master server, and here are today's entries for that IP and the other names used on it:
2011-04-02 09:58:48 list sent: kNaLLhArT AC1104
2011-04-02 10:39:29 list sent: -xW-#T.cRu3L^ AC1104
2011-04-02 11:19:44 list sent: -xW-#T.cRu3L^ AC1104
2011-04-02 12:24:30 list sent: -xW-#T.cRu3L^ AC1104
2011-04-02 12:29:12 gameserver added: hello AC1104
2011-04-02 12:31:39 gameserver added: -xW-Server AC1104
2011-04-02 12:32:08 list sent: -xW-#T.cRu3L^ AC1104
2011-04-02 12:37:50 gameserver added: -xW-#T.cRu3L^_Server AC1104
2011-04-02 12:38:11 list sent: -xW-#T.cRu3L^ AC1104
2011-04-02 13:30:48 list sent: -xW-#T.cRu3L^ AC1104
2011-04-02 13:45:08 list sent: -xW-#T.cRu3L^ AC1104
2011-04-02 16:34:15 list sent: -xW-#T.cRu3L^ AC1104
2011-04-02 17:19:03 list sent: -xW-#T.cRu3L^ AC1104
2011-04-02 17:35:41 list sent: hoenn AC1104
edit: It says "'s..." because I wrote this 4 days ago and was waiting for contact from -xW- clan.
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//Name: Beast, N3ON, HEYHEYHEY
//Date: 4/6/2011
//Server: Bugboy's Gema
//Reason: Speedhack; possible edit mode
//Proof: Map:

Download the map first, otherwise you won't be able to see anything.

Joins at 6 minutes remaining as HEYHEYHEY, later changes his name back to his original.

Obvious speedhack, edit mode is subjective, my AC was jumping around, and only jumps when I suspect he uses edit. Speedhack is easy to detect.

RR edit: yes, this is the Neon on these forums. I am very disappointed.
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