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I notice that there's no screenshot on the Ubuntu Download Center > AssaultCube, is it possible to add one?
[Image: pantallazoh.jpg]
I think it's a good idea adding here a screenshot (screenshot contest!!) or gif. And maybe a youtube link too.
Just an idea
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And not a bad one, I might add. I was just thinking about this a few days ago when I came across AC on ubuntu download center, even the screen shots featured on the webpage would do,it would be better than nothing.
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well, i just got ubuntu, installed ac thru it cause they finally got 1104 on ubuntu software center :D
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is it finally the current version of AC? xD
I guess, we have to contact all the big distros to publish the packages a lot faster, even portableapps.com is way faster uploading new versions
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You just need a package maintainer in Debian.

You know AC development has stalled when Ubuntu has an up-to-date package.
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Hmm... open a feature request with the Ubuntu package? Not sure if that's the right place, but https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/assaultcube
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yes they have the new version of ac... but that is becuase they made a third party source on getdeb

if you want screenshot there i think here is the right address to write to
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