AssaultCube v1.1.0.1 Release
(15 Aug 10, 02:44PM)MysteeryMan Wrote: there's one thing I notticed - I am walking slower now! REALLY! in one match I went behind one guy and he moved faster than me! that's strange... but anyway this is cool xD

This seems to be happening to me as well. Anyone else?
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Read above.
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(19 Aug 10, 02:04AM)|BC|Wolf Wrote: Read above.

Are you referring to the comment about strafe running? This happens to me even when I am strafe running.

I think i have fixed it however, by changing the field of view to make it much larger. I guess maybe it was just an illusion created by this.

I do still have the sense that I am moving more slowly now, but it is reduced to the point where I think maybe I am just imagining it.
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Ah, the old FOV trick. looooool
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You'll run faster if you lean forward in your seat. This only works if you have a webcam of course.
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... If I had been told that 4 months ago, I wouldn't have quit doing that!
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Nice new release! its really nice the grenades are just 1 for pick and the shields... but...
i have win7 and always i start the game, my settings are off! the game dont save my personal settings like my custom controls or my resolution or name :s whats up?
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Did you install using the "My Documents" option, or in "Program Files"? It sounds like AC might not have permission to write to the .cfg file that will save these settings.
At least I think this might be the problem..
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Amolian: Don't use, it is known to have a bug that makes it unable to save anything. The post seems to be gone now but they've retracted the release. Use with the patch.
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@ anywaste.

You can run faster if you run diagonally, I do this and it is much faster. You must be only holding the forward (W-Key) or (Up Arrow).

Holding W/D or W/A at the same time is harder to control, but once you know what to do and how to do it, it is very handy.

But I do not know if you're running diagonally or not.
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SpiRiT: Read the whole page. They fixed it.
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How do you play custom maps on the new version?
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They need to have a sufficient quality, read
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