Warzone $erver Unbanned?
Some might remember Koolg223 and I used to run a popular server called Warzone. We stopped after we had our server banned for putting our custom maps in the maprot. I just happened to notice that AC 1.1 was released, so I downloaded it and immediately tried to start the server. To my surprise it worked, so I'm guessing that when they updated the master server, they either lost the list of banned server IPs or just decided the list was old enough to toss. Should I run the server now or am I going to be rebanned? Do I need to use the maps from the map packs (which I don't like all that much), or can I put my own maps in the maprot? How strictly is the master server being policed now?
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The same rules apply I believe consider this as a second chance
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// Name: Koolg233[W$N] HeadShot[W$N]
// BanReason: Impersonation, insulting
// BanDate: 2008-12-10

That's what my file says,the double rangeban make me doubt it but as that date is really old I think you are now in the righ to ask for a second chance,let's wait for the final decision
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The server code actually prevents itself from loading maps that fall below a specific (mathematical) standard, so your server should be fine as long as you don't have any such maps in the map rotation (and you aren't inclined to impersonate or insult anyone).
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Heres a few links to help you out with your server

As for the map rotation:
The maps are limited to around 100 length 100 width and 30 height, and pickups cannot be too close to each other, if you want to use them in multiplayer please follow these rules.
If you dont like the default official maps, you can download other custom maps, just be sure they adhere to the new rules.
Heres some map links:

Actually this whole website is great:

A map design article:
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