have you played on mental+property ?
began a new map friday night. worked on it from 9:30pm to 3am..then continued on saturday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm...went to work for 8 hours then obsessed over it from 11:30pm to 1:30am. sunday morning again from 8:30am to 10:45am. it is called mental+property.. a larger map not likely to lag due to filling up space. one of the rooms is rather large since it is a gymnasium/auditorium part of an abandoned/closed school but i made sure the rest of it was more confined for close range battle and that the hallways angle often/arent too wide or narrow.. the outside surrounds but doesn't let you run away and snipe from a quarter mile away.
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A download link would help :)
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And maybe a, say, screenshot or two...
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in response to the title of this thread: has anyone?

download link and pictures would be, helpful.
upload to akimbo and quad, 1 or both.

sounds big, you sure it doesn't lag on servers?
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I was looking for a school map since I was too lazy to make one myself along with my soccer field and ET:QW based maps.
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I just played on it. You were there. Hi.
First round I was there it was team one shot one kill. It is way too big and confined (makes sense?) to have it tosok. I mean, that when you are running around the halls, you cant see anything else, so its really hard to find anyone because it is so big. Once you got down to 1vs1 time it was impossible to find anyone.
Second round got voted team deathmatch. This was much better, you had fast lives, finding a lot of people. Finding enemies weren't much of a trouble. This map was obviously made for DMs. The 20 players on the map might of helped. One problem I found, was that there was a room where it was too easy to grenade camp (this was the teal-ish dark room with the cool/weird steps. It is the second biggest room next to the "gymnasium" has a couple of computers). This pissed me off, they are hard to access when someone is throwing a grenade at you, so it is very hard to get rid of them. I would suggest removing grenades from that top area entirely. Next thing I found was that some of the passageways in and out of the building were too narrow and too numerous, I had some trouble finding my way through the building, especially with people I cant go past.
Overall I kind of liked the map, thats why I voted no on all of the votes to change maps. I did have some trouble seeing that it was a school, the only reason I could tell that the gym was a gym was because it was the only room with wood floors. There was a level of detail that was lacking (mainly in textures) and that I was wanting, there didn't really seem like the map was made to model something (like a school).
I did like the map, though it does need improvements. In its current state I cant see it becoming mainstream hits like ac_desert for tosok or headshotcity for TDM.
I sure hope you were wanting a review. Oh, and I'm posting some screenshots. (like my guns?).
Here is my fliker account with the screenshots Mental+Property

[Image: 4730710825_1f886458e0.jpg]
This is the room with the grenade camping

[Image: 4730712409_6b5820a15f.jpg]
A view from the grenade sniping spot

[Image: 4731359942_baebdc7405.jpg]
A over view of the map

[Image: 4731355008_8efa3221f0.jpg]
The Gym?

By the way, I saw a script for clean screenshots somewhere. Do you guys know where it is? PM me if you do

Quote:sounds big, you sure it doesn't lag on servers?
I didn't experience any lagging.
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I played this map once on a server. The grenade camping spot also made a good sniping spot.
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thank you for the feedback and review. enjoyed your screenshots. already have in the works an edited smaller board that leaves out the gymnasium and front of the place and then will be a little different in the back and have less entrances...easier for 1 vs 1 time.
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Also some textures look awkward.
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That sounds like a nice fix.
@KN!F3, yes, they do look a little awkward, but really assault cube isn't made to have winner graphics, so I dont mind the texturing as much.
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