am i banned ?
Hey guys!
The problem that i am having is that when i click on the join server. no servers show up and it says "Master server is not replying. Get more information at" i don't know if i am banned plz help. My in game name is FalaqTHEBUTCHER
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Read this:
AC 1.1 _obvious_ cases of cheat

(04 Mar 12, 01:43PM)jamz Wrote:
// Name: FalaqTHEBUTCHER
// Ban date: 2012-03-04
// Ban reason: speedhack
// Proof:
Joins around 12 minutes remaining. Link to demo.

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congrats to the huge cojones you have to have to ask if you are banned.
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It was your brother right...? -.-
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Lol'd, would lol again.
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jamz can you tell him how long he will be banned?
Since thread is closed he could not post here and ask so he sent me a PM.
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He PM'd me too; I told him 3 months.
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