[split] Falsely black listed
Heey umm.. im not sure why but this is the second time i have been falsely black listed.. :/ please fix it.
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Post split from blacklist thread.

The IP used to post here is not on blacklist, but the closes one is:
// Name: TeamKiller, ,DES|TeamKiller, SED|TeamKiller, jesus, SED|CloseSource
// Ban date: February 27 2012
// Ban reason: clan tag abuse
// Server: .:Sj*clan server public 1
//Proof, screen: http://bildr.no/view/1118372 http://bildr.no/view/1118371

When asked to remove tag he just added it other way (SED).

// Name: GsF|MineZero
//date: 01/03/2012
//Ban Reason: TagAbuse
//server: sJ Public , Epic Fail Etc.etc.etc.

// uncommented ip, added code tag + reported before http://forum.cubers.net/post-89319.html#pid89319

Was asked to WITHDRAW the clan tag, did nothing other servers Followed With The tag of the clan and the clan CLAIMED It was challenging and other clans to the official clan match

The gave me ip DES|OpenSource Ty.

Using a tag for a clan you arent in is not okey.
Even if its "for fun".

So is this you or do we have to dig a bit into it and find out for our self if its you or not?

Edit: There is a ban on BoB central ladder server blacklist with IP used to post here. Under that name "UCA~N0_SCoP3(NZ"
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It's a static IP since late last year. This is UCA~N0_SCoP3(NZ; it is not the tag abuser.
So it looks like you'll have to go and ask on the BoB forums.
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BoB forum and IRC you can find at http://ladder.thebillybobs-rocking-on.net/
Im not touching the ban since its market as not to be removed.
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