help me please
Hello here I have a problem is the TYD toujour not removed the ip of the person so I can not play on the server ... BoB thank you kindly helped me // [2010-02-02] HS.FR|KoRNn. - Name changer -

thank you
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You have to talk to TyD about it.
Tear you Down! - Forums
or TyD IRC. irc://
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if you follow the above advice and request a deban from pwnage, this should take care of this. Pwnage is very busy though with work, so it may take some time to get either a response or results from pwnage.

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Seems like he has asked before about this ban.
ban ??

Edit: Cant any other TyD member do this?
I mean since pwnage is so busy at times, isnt it a good idea to let someone else from TyD have access to files.
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well I'm not quite sure who is in charge of it besides pwnage. or who is active. perhaps active member with free time takes it upon themselves to fix this debacle of an f'ed up blacklist....

or give this crazy idiot access
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perhaps the post about pwnage being busy lets you know it could be a while
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Busy yes, but using over 2 months to sort it out?
Thats a bit long.
Thats why i asked if no other TyD member could do it.
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yes please help me because it's two less for quite some time
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