Good morning ban!
I woke up this morning ate some pancakes (I said this because they were so good) and I opened up AC and went to the multiplayer server list. And I was banned from at "least" 5 servers. Ones I don't usually play and I found it strange because I haven't played in a while and I can't think of a reason to ban myself. ;) the one server was silver cloud north American se I heard that this happens to euro players but I'm from north America. And I don't usually play sc servers anyway I just glanced so I don't know any of the other names sorry for lack of ips and all that but any help?
Ps I know the rules said this isn't supposed to be here unless it was a report but I don't know where else it would go.

Edit: the owners of the servers pmed me saying I was out of the zone so no worries. Also should I remove the post or leave it for reference?
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Appealing against a blacklisting is perfectly acceptable here. Your appeal is better sent to the owner of the server first, especially if you're banned from a minority of servers. If you can't get contact info for the server owner (Select the server, then F9, or get someone else to check the MOTD for you), this thread *is* your best bet, but without naming the server/s no-one is going to know how to help you. Stating 2 or 3 octets (parts) of your IP address will also help. I can see it, and it's not showing up on a forum search for general blacklisting.
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Isnt Silver cloud JG99's if it is good luck!

And more helpfully you could pm him he uses this forum.
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Ok thank you jamz. I will try edit this post later I'm just busy ATM.
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ProSmoke, to give you a heads-up, there are some servers now that ban based on location - that is, there is at least one Euro server that bans anyone not from Europe. As well, you might be in a few range bans.
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Lol another HyPE applicant under question D:
(not to say that it's there fault of course)
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Shadow flames what is that supposed to mean?
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Ur the second applicant to post here about a ban...
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Yeah. I think that was supposed to mean what he wrote and not much more.
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I was pmed and it was an issue of me being from a different country and don't compare to someone who got caught hacking and was reported for Doing so because that will never happen to me. Also why say that about hype? It's got nothing to do with the clan if someone not in it hacks. :(
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* GDM diffuses the situation

Shadz wasn't insulting HyPE. And, in any case, HyPE is not insulted.

Nothing to see here. Move along now.
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*uses walkie talkie* Jg99, report. We have a problem here we need you to take care of. *silence*
Damn, he's not here.
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