Mr.floppy faker at |40+| friends clan server
Hey guy's!

Cought this faker on my server.. -Tell me he's faker or not?

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According to my data this is not Mr.Floppy - the DEV.
The IP is in no way of what the real Mr.Floppy used to post on DES forum with.
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Ahhh Goooood! .. -Then this sucker will "Dieeeeeeeeee" :P.. -kidding...
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Nor is it like his most recent IP here on the forums. jamz (and Mr. Floppy) could tell us for sure.
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Pretty easy to see.
IP from USA vs IP from Germany.

I put my money on the one from Germany. ;)
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Over sea adventures?
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No, it's not Floppy. An easy test for Mr.Floppy is to ask him a straight question about anything. If he mumbles a load of nonsense, in a West Midlands accent it's probably him. Oh, wait; that's Ozzy Osbourne...
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IMO, if he didn't pretend to be Mr.Floppy (i.e. say something about making ac_keller) then it's not blacklist-worthy.
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(05 Feb 12, 04:14AM)Orynge Wrote: IMO, if he didn't pretend to be Mr.Floppy (i.e. say something about making ac_keller) then it's not blacklist-worthy.

I have seen this guy also around. He was claiming he "hadnt been playing for a long time" and asked if we "liked his maps". Cant say if its the same imposter though since i thought it was mr.floppy and didnt take screens/demos hehe.
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so Mr.Floppy IP is 94.192.95.x
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(07 Feb 12, 07:33AM)Bugboy1028 Wrote: so Mr.Floppy IP is 94.192.95.x
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and does he have brother?
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Never asked him so i dont know.
But the IP you have there is from United Kingdom.
Floppy lives in Germany.
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Today on tyD servers
IP: 84.208.238.X
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not sure if these guys really want to impersonate Mr.Floppy since this is some kind of an "usual" nickname. idk, imo they don't need to be blacklistet or something if they don't do crap like intentional teamkill. i saw that guy Paul postet too and don't really understand why he was kicked out of the game. he did nothing wrong, just played..
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I was the one that kicked him from the TyD server and in my opinion he did do something wrong. He was using Mr.Floppy's actual identity to try to talk himself up. Saying things like "yes, its me, the mapper" and similar things is flat out impersonating. If it were just a regular person using the name (which is unlikely given the unique name) then sure, that would be fine, but that wasn't the case or is it hardly the case with someone using Mr.Floppy as a in-game name. I have found 9 out of 10 times when someone is using the name Mr.Floppy (that actually the "real" Mr.Floppy) that they are stealing his identity and trying to use his fame to promote themself to other players (thus is actual impersonating).
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I concur.
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I have a feeling that it is just one person, as Mr.Floppy seems like a strange person for many people to pick.
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you might be right Ronald_Reagan, on any case, its pretty clear cut impersonating when someone takes on your identity to either hurt your reputation or use your reputation to try to put themselves on a higher pedestal
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not lying guys, over the past two months, i've seen a lot of Mr.Floppy's. I have checked IP and have gotten 5 different results. Next one, I'm reporting...
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It's not just Mr.Floppy. There is often a makkE, nieb (I even saw a Brazilian ShaneNieb), daMfr0, DES|Halo, wotwot, DogDancing, Archangel, R4zor, etc. They see the name on the loading screen and go with it. From one point of view it's disrespectful; from another it's flattering. Unless, as Halo points out, they're actually professing to be the mapper in question, the imitation is harmless. Some people just have problems creating their own identity.

(If you have an official map, and I didn't name you above, don't be offended; it's because no-one imitated you in the last month.)
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(01 Mar 12, 10:35AM)jamz Wrote: Some people just have problems creating their own identity.

I saw one guy ingame using the name makkE, when I asked if it was the real one he replied "no, I have no imagination" and changed it, lol.

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