AssaultCube v1.1 Release
Idk... but i think flowtron, eihrul and stef knows....
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Great job people!
One more version to my book!!

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Plays really nicely, well done guys. The change to just one grenade is my favourite improvement. People actually have to think how they will use the nade rather than just throwing immediately.
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I just noticed scopes show up in spectate and in demos now. I LOVE YOU GUYS <3
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GAH! Please someone help here. When I download 1.1 it kinda mixes with 1.0.4 :(
It doesn't even make a folder for itself, it just uses 1.0.4's folder, how can I kick that motherhunker out??
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The installer prompts you for which directory to use, so if it's trying to install to AssaultCube_v1.0, correct it to AssaultCube_v1.1.0.0.

You can try first uninstalling 1.0.4 to avoid conflicts.
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No installer appears :/ It just downloads into 1.0.4 by itself.
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Well done guys on the fast release, all though I am using MAC and am having trouble getting to to load at the start.
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What is difference between purple pclip and normal clip?

i have problems with glibc-2.4 with compiled servers, Deb-etch 64, i hope i will fix it this evening. :)
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plclip = nades can pass through.
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(04 Aug 10, 11:33PM)|BC|Wolf Wrote: Ksyrium, what about downloading the 10.6.4 version?

I won't download Leopard just for playing AC..

I've X11 v1.1.3, but when i'm starting AC 1.1, X11 doesn't lauch.
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Any reason why the Linux download has !TEST BUILD! written all over it?
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am i the only one that, when i go back to 1.04 from 1.1, has his sniper scope frozen? i have to go into setting/input controls/control menu and change the sniper-scope sensitivity scale from "$scopesensescale" back to .5 (mac)
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The scope sensitivity really messed me up. So I gotta adapt. Also the air jump thing is really bumpy and I don't think it helped that much
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Can we go back on 1.0.4 some weeks more? 1.1 is going to make me cry...
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(05 Aug 10, 08:08PM)KN!F3 Wrote: The scope sensitivity really messed me up.
/scopesensscale [whatever value you feel comfortable with].
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(05 Aug 10, 11:06PM)Monas|SK| Wrote: Can we go back on 1.0.4 some weeks more? 1.1 is going to make me cry...
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i vote .93
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I played AC1.1 in foreign servers... some of them were heavily lagging, sometimes the lagger was just me... it was completely normal... the only autokick i saw was about AFK... I saw some complains and some comments like: "hey... you are playing bad!... did not set your cheats yet for the new version?"... so the best thing i realized is the cheaters will not like to play AC1.1... and I am happy with this.

All other things, like the scope sensitivity or the menus or the weapon changes.... well... people will need to adapt. It happened from 0.9 to 1.0... and happened again from 1.0 to 1.1... and probably will happen again from 1.1 to 1.2...
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1 question: what do we do with AC 1.1 SVN? are they the same as the one you guys released?
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If you are able to use the SVN, well.... I suggest to use it, since all bug fixes will be committed to there.
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forgot another question. what about the ladder?
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my question,wtf is
WARNING: master server registration failed: failed pinging server
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Bring 0.93 up again!
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(06 Aug 10, 03:45AM)pwned Wrote: forgot another question. what about the ladder?

I believe once 1.0.4's time is over, those ladder servers will be transferred to 1.1.
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I think the point system will be changed cuz all the damage change and scores.
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From what i seen so far the games are much more even now.
Still my aim does not feel the same as in 1.0.4 but it might be computer related.
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Matasar: try the kewl "findsens" command to find the sensitivity you feel most comfortable with. It all depends on whether or not you're using mouse-acceleration inside the game - which is usually frowned upon by l33t players, but some just prefer it, there've been some changes regarding this since 1.0.4, so that's probably what's going on.
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I think the aim is just visual,the same happened to me,I feel slow in 1.1 but it's because of the texture and the font,idk how to explain it properly but it's just visual,cuz when I play I feel i'm heavy but still have the touch to pwn u xD
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