Request Wiki edits here
We all know that the wiki needs some work. It's just that the editors can't find everything

If you find something that needs to be edited / moved, please post here.

No offtopic discussions please. If you want to discuss a request posted by someone, that's okay.
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The wiki needs a Help page. It doesn't for some weird reason.
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More details please. If you give me enough details I'll try working on it and probably pester another editor into helping.

EDIT: You mean that?
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Maybe he means a help page about editing, similar to
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I will add some more soon.
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Apollo, is there any specific rules for wiki editors?

I mean what our main job to do in the wikipiage?
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I have updated the wiki guidelines a bit.

Our task is not only to work on new articles (for example there are some guides in this forum which should be better placed into the wiki). We have fix errors, update and enhance the current ones also. For example: there are several pages about official maps missing and some of the existing map pages are only on stub level. Many clan pages have formatting errors, broken links, missing categories aso aso aso...
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I already got the weapon stats for 1.1, so I call that page!
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I got it, thanks apollo.Im translating everything into a new language, into hebrew language. please be patient as it may take some time, ty.
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