To Brahma, arkefiende, and anybody else I either flamed at in-forum or cheated agains
Gosh, where do I start? Here’s what I am aware I did wrong:
- Ruined several people’s games by cheating with aimbots/weapon hacks/etc.
- Got p*ssed because I got caught late and my server was taken down and I had gotten banned from the IRC before I could complain. (I had uninstalled cheats by this time, but I still had the reputation)
- Lied that I had no idea why I was getting banned from the masterserver or IRC.
- Got p*ssed off again because it wasn’t fooling anybody, and got me banned from the forums.
- Reinstalled hacks, raged in random servers with a remote gib, and uninstalled AssaultCube (and the hacks) thinking I was just going to leave AssaultCube forever.

Here’s what I gained from it:
- ban from half of the servers on the masterserver list.
- ban from the IRC and forums.
- the taking down of my server
- reputation as being a foolish cheater
- a mental note I was being a foolish cheater, AssaultCube actually is my favorite game, and I’m not going to be able to leave it just like that.

I’m only fourteen and I’ve pretty much screwed this game up forever for me.

Even if I may never be able to clear my name, I dearly apologize for all of this, I realize I ruined the game for others and myself, and I may never get my reputation back. I’m sorry for what I DID, not that I was caught.

I want to ask for forgiveness, but I won’t blame anyone if I don’t get it. While that is one reason I posted this, it’s not the only one. The other reason is that I want all cheaters/hackers to know this:
AssaultCube is a GREAT game, and it has a wonderful community that is probably more active than any other PC game I’ve seen, even if it has less players than most. The staff worked really hard on it, and it keeps on improving (seriously, 1.1 owns already, and it’s still in test phase). If you are hacking or cheating, STOP. If you spent the amount of time it took you to do all of the coding to make your hacked client or search for that aimbot, except to actually play the game and sharpen your skills, you would be amazing by now. Plus, you wouldn’t be banned from twenty-seven servers and have your name frowned upon. And maybe you’ll have started the next {TyD}. And made AC 1.9. I’m just saying, there are better things you can be doing on AssaultCube (Mapping, Scripting, Modding, and Pwning to name a few). To make a long story short, just play the game! You don’t know what you are missing.

-From ex-cheater InitialSAW (also known as Silence, LEAVING_AC, and iSAW)
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dude wat
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InitialSAW, I don't know what anyone else has to say, and I've personally never seen you hack, but I'll forgive you for the stuff you've done.
That being said, consequences have actions. You are going to be on the blacklist for a while. You'll probably be removed eventually, but don't expect to get back onto most servers anytime soon.
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I tried 2 times to get un-blacklisted ... and I am still not un- blacklisted on any server :/ ... I just saw that I am now blacklisted on the A&D servers... lol [/offtopic]
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Nothing more to add.
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Well, you dont have to apologize to me ... you have to apologize to the community
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