Top 10. The best players in the history of Assault Cube?
What were the 10 best players.
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Only votes.
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me? :D

Just to name a few, Panda, ech0, Harrek, Dam, Jason, @cid, Reedie, rofl, Atomikk, sqlut, Sanzo and a whole lot more. They are just a few of the greatest players? Then theres players like Marreira etc. who don't play anymore.


the inquisitor of all skill in the cubeiverse, carlos juan victor glass, presents:
top 10 players AC
this is my list based on my matches (over a span of 4 consistent years) with AC's players
free of any stupid fanboy bias (lol shorty)

overall (all time)
1 - Undead ready for any contender
2 - Horus
3 - Sepehr seps got arguably stronger aim than horus (prob me too lol any1 have that desert screenshot) but his tactics lack
4 - harps 0.93 hero but still great
5 - Smack
6 - Analpanda
7 - Ramb0
8 - Vermi
9 - M_Stayla
10 - #jason.eSports

while everyone says "lol undead says hes the best so he cant be the best!", think about it for a minute (assuming you've actually played me forum heroes rofl)
note: these players are very close together in skill, and thats how it is at a high level. e.g jason has his games where he can smack me around and vice versa
could fit loads of quality players under here, arguably some of them can reach into the top 10, but this is what stands out as top 10 to me.

snipers (all time)
1 - Undead
2 - L0rdzZ (6 months ago would have put him #1 but hes lost it lol)
3 - Sanzo
4 - Mezzo
5 - M_Stayla (only on depot tho lol)
6 - Davitomon (come at me fanboys)
7 - idk
8 -
9 -
10 - KC

special mention to drakas for being tactical genious
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There you go
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1 - unarmed

nuff said
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Man, that's hard. Not sure how qualified I am to vote on this being a pretty sucky cuber myself, but I would definetely say Seriffi, Benson, Xiaou and Jason from MyS would be in the top ten, as would Bullet/Undead from oNe. Also there's a player called {BoB}Tugce who always seems to headshot me when I play on the ladder servers so I'd vote for him too. Like I say, I don't know if you guys share my opinion on these players - and there are probably more great ones out there, I just haven't seen/matched/heard of them yet.
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Usually I dont go 'he's good' or 'he's rubbish' I just get on with the game and try and have fun but I couldn't help noticing how good marreira was.
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1 - ExodusS
2 - Sqlut
3 - Snake
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harps and undead
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idk all ac players cauze i dont play these game so long ....
but i think one of the best players are : Horus, ech0, Undead, Analpanda,benson, Melone, Marreira, KingChubby, Reedie,Mati ( these is not orded whos best, i just count out )
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@titiPT v63
But really... Not me!
This could be a very nice topic (it actually is dont get me wrong) but I would manage it under "best (mode) players" as Im sure there will be people who are GOD on certain modes but cant handle others. Take in count there are a total of 12 game modes plus other "hidden ones" like only knife and gemas (and even I would count their mapping abilities, etc.. )
IMO those would have to be taken in consideration for getting the list of TOP 10 players its real merit. And it could be done by merging the final contestants on this post. But thats my opinion and I would love to hear what other players have to say about who they think is best. (Undead still banned I talk for him... MEMEMEMEME)
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(25 Oct 11, 04:04PM)SkyHawk Wrote: Also there's a player called {BoB}Tugce who always seems to headshot me when I play on the ladder servers so I'd vote for him too.

her* :)

And i dont think i've played long enough with top players to count 10 of them.

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* Lantry sees thread: Best players in AC
Holy flamewars batman! let's go check it out!
* Lantry reads thread
wait wut??
* Lantry rereads title: Best players in AC
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Undead was by far the best AC player in every aspect, rifles down.

[Image: 14dk8sn.jpg]
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Melone ftw
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best gema players: Chris and Melone :)

top players that i can't kill atm:

1 - Sephr
2 - @cid
3 - Fearles
4 - Horus
5 - Benson
6 - Jas0n
7 - Xenon
8 - echo

Best snipers:
1 - Melone
2 - Undead
3 - Lordzz
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1. Smack

Fuck all the rest.
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second that, Smack, that crazy Bavarian (iirc) :D.
And... harps probably, and quite a bunch of |oNe|zies. I'd also mention arbo among the best.
Some MyS like Melone when it comes to the younger generation.

1. Smack
2. harps
?. arbo
?. undead
?. emoposer
?. burp (he even improved on 1.1 :/ )
?. Horse? :D
?. Spartan?
10. Me (almost forgot it.)
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4. Davitomon
6. Wolf
7. Sanzo
8. CoxA
9. marreira
10. (too many people could get this spot, can't decide)

Throught AC's history these are the guys who submit a firm grip on being "the best" in my mind.
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The first three players on this list.

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Anyone remeber Millertime and CheatersrFags those guys rocked...
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I can't put an order to this but here is some names:
JMKane, TheRock, Shadow, Undead, harps, Smack, Blackflag, Nova, Drakas.. There are many more high quality players but those are the ones that pop into my head

EDIT: I have always heard about exis being the best but have only ever played one pub with him
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Vermi must be also named here, he is more than a man.
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#1. Undead, because the rest of the "best players" can only play with under 100 ping.

inb4 shitstorm
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take him in europe and lets see if he can play with 30 ping.
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I'm forming my opinion from the time I played Ac:

1. and 2. place is taken by 4 people as I really don't see skill difference, I'd even love to put all at the first place:D

Best players:

1 - Panda and Benson
2 - Chris (my smg idol) and @cid
3 - Marreira
4 - Dam
5 - Horus
6 - Harrek
7 - ech0
8 - YourSister
9 - Al!ve
10 - Jason and L0rdzZ

Best mappers:

1 - ExodusS
2 - fundog
3 - Undead

Best improvers:

1 - Honor
2 - Gazda
3 - Mystered
4 - Pweaks
5 - Newbie
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-Impaktd + Alpha
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Mmmh seriously... a top10 is not possible.

Best players (general).

Best snipers.
Wolf (bl for a reflex shot)

And others i don't remember atm.
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nr.1 |BOT|Hugo / Sanzo

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