=AoW= Clanserver (Non gema) Needed
if u can help me out, ill pm u the settings and passwords for it, if u can help me out, thanks! cause im the only one in aow now that can hosts servers, and they lag
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Buy them. :)
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i cant buy online
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i dont have a credit card cause im a kid cemer
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Tough luck then :P
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Just host a non-gema server yourself then
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Tststs, Mai Mee Tur didn't read the first post it seems :-P

Re:lagging there's an interesting thread on server-slots you might want to read.

It's really not as important as many think to host your own servers;
although I can totally understand the felt need for your own server you have control over (admin pass) ..
.. IMHO for a clan to do well training, tactics and cross-clan-interaction is much more important!
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lock topic pls, riceboy made me a server!
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