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EDIT: i had trouble understanding your post, perhaps you could explain it a little better.
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Got it? they will commit Racism
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I read your post maybe 5 times and have yet to come to conclusion what you are truly trying to tell us...

Anyways by those screen shots, you may be going for clan tag abuse?

If that is the case, report any offenders in this thread with this format:

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I arrived at the server, start to diss me, mystic and shogun is not admin, only jackc, no more he did nothing, tbm not have that right? put on the black list for Racism?
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What is your native language, .Feeh.

And you've not shown proof of anything yet.
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.Feeh try to grab logs or a demo if you can. Without some form of evidence we can't help you. I'm not sure we even know what it is they did.
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