My second montage
Okay, heres my second montage (and also hopefully the better one). I tryed the Windows movie maker, which is clearly better than my other program, and I also followed Andrez' tip to turn off the ingame sounds.

Feedbacks and tips how to make it better are really welcome, I am thankfull for every help ;)

***If you want to watch it, I'd suggest you to watch it in fullscreen mode and 480p, otherwise you'll barely see anything ^^***

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It looks like you ghosting someone else.....Anway truthfully I don't like the video transtions. They are kind of annoying. Cool vid though( I guess).
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Im not ;)


=MyS= and so on are all Aliases

got the proves if you want ;)
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Nice job :), ganna have to teach me some tips :P
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Nice gameplay, though if you can use another weapon it would be nice to mix it up. Also, the transitions are a bit annoying, next time use something more subtle like a simply quick blur. It would definitely help if you could've been able to find a long enough song for the video since when the first song ends it kind of takes the energy away from the video, though by simply taking out the time between both audios so the second starts as soon as possible without sounding odd does fix it, just try to not leave the video without music for 2 seconds or more I'd say.

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Nice work there Stayla...

You should direct films!
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Nice Video
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Thank you, Wolf. I will take these tips for my next montage :)
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