WARNING: do not agree with the use of hacking!
The complaint offered based on an inadequate statement of the facts offends the principles of legal defense!
Brazilian Penal Code dealing with crimes against honor crimes is that violate the honor or the honor subjective objective
is damaging the personal dignity or professional reputation,
removing the individual his right to personal respect.
slander, libel and slander.
Crimes are committed using any means of communication that makes a pass offense,
the offense made ​​directly. Aggression can also be done by words, etc ...
* a person and say that cheater! no evidence
* Cheater = trapaceiro(Portuguese)
* This offense and a language!
in public
* deal with minor
boys and young
* And it should be more careful with what is said here in the forum
* I pray for those in public apology for offensive posts
* E Nois we were all united in a unique way

* I thank everyone and I apologize to everyone in public for the mistakes of many SJ


marciosynthes [at] hotmail [dot] com
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Get a life!, this is a game.

And just in case you cant get a life...

As any lawyer will tell you quoting one countries law in a clearly international case is pure stupidity. Before any legal proceedings could be heard the complex matter of jurisdiction would need to be settled. Just because you start an action in Brazil does not mean that the legal jurisdiction will be in Brazil, it could be the US or even Timbuktu for all you know.

You should also note with interest, that recently an action was heard in the UK where a complainant sued for libel as he was accused on the internet of actions he said he did not commit. The case was heard and it was found that he did in fact commit those actions and was indeed guilty (the burden of proof is lower in a civil case). He therefore had to pay costs and punitive damages totalling £450,000 so I agree you should be very careful what you start.
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what happens is that they are banned in all FPS games, and now want to report doing and not for this demo in this game, you must think that people born yesterday
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Stick to the topic, contribute to the discussion, or posts will be removed again.

I don't know why you and your cohort(s) continue to insist that there is a lack of evidence. Have you even looked at what has been put on the table? It is evidence, even if you don't agree with it.
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Would you like me to make a montage, and possibly commentate it as to every time the 'cheat' is clearly visible? Because, your just raising stupid invalid points in a multinational community, that the Brazilian laws don't mean anything, i mean honestly i could go get the Australian laws out and start throwing them around, and it would me squat.

If you don't like the fact that because of many Brazilians deciding to make the makers of this games lives hell (as well as many other games makers) then move from Brazil, you won't have what you see as a 'label' (which tbh, is just us blacklisting Cheaters from our game to keep the game fair and fun for all)

I can't add anymore more to these discussions without becoming offensive.
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I stand by my original comment "Get a life!, this is a game"

but i add one thing, saying it over and over again does not make it true...

I Think i found the source of this problem;
alias SJ Reply script [
  loop ac 10000000000000000000 [
    if_reply_has (format "he cheated" (at $AC_Forum$Answer SJ)) [
      alias ? (at $AC_Forum)

alias init_reply [
  if (Synthes has hole in ass) [
    say "I didnt cheat, he didnt cheat , we didnt cheat you all hate brazil, i will sue you"

I dont know cubescript well but it could be part of the problem ;)
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In no time, someone said that was sexist, it was distorting my message, talk to ISIM warning that it was not a girl and the boy, because I do not understand what you said "we are not sexist" now you turned over a person?


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Good day, I think I'm talking to adults and civilized, I hope that carriage!
I think you have misunderstood my previous message, speak to a simpler language that you may think!
I speak not of justice go, speak the word Cheater is an offense for a Brazilian player or another country.
I speak it has to improve the post, without arrogance and without offense, because we deal with many minors and arrogance and abuse with the least, will probably be the same in the future, and have the right to post my opinion on the case of Taian, which in my opinion did not use any kind of hacker.
I ask that is constructive and intelligent messages posted, as well walk into a better game and a better world for everyone.
No more time to thank all
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Your opinion is duly considered, trust me.
Accusing someone of cheating may be offensive, but consider this: Cheating is more offensive. So, when the evidence compels people to make the accusation, we members of the AssaultCube community are the ones who have been offended by the cheater.
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(29 Jul 11, 02:16PM)Cogu Wrote: In no time, someone said that was sexist, it was distorting my message, talk to ISIM warning that it was not a girl and the boy, because I do not understand what you said "we are not sexist" now you turned over a person?



Your message was not received, excessively broken English.
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I had a brief chat with a well-known, experienced player in IRC; he's someone whose opinion I greatly respect when it comes to competitive play at the best level, but for a couple of reasons I don't want to say who it is. He is a high-level player himself, and no-one in AC would deny this.

He had looked over the latest Sj blacklisting (Ta!an&), and told me that he didn't think it was an obvious wallhack.

There's one thing I hate more than cheats, and that's making a mistake about a cheat. Please, could more top quality players (you know who you are) watch the demo in that post linked above (the map is there if you don't have it) and say here what you think. If it looks like a wallhack, and enough good players agree with this, perhaps this will make synthes, Cogu, and the other Sj members happy. If it seems that people don't think it's a wallhack, I will happily withdraw my accusation and apologise for any harm I have done to Sj clan's enormous and remarkable reputation. Naturally, I'll ignore any comments from Sj members themselves, or their chums.
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Hey Jamz,

I have just reviewed the demos myself.
I can say I believe he is using some kind of wall hack.

There is no way that every time he looks across the map his cross hairs are bang on the enemy through 2 walls and sometimes even 3 or more walls.

I agree with Jamz and his discision appears to be correct.

Oh and if you don't believe me just checkout the 11'02-11'06 mark you will agree.

I believe this sticks, lets see what others think.

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I don't think it is so obvious.

However, the fact that s/he "guessed" the location of each enemy correctly every time is uncanny and suspicious. As another person mentioned, s/he appears to track an opponent through the walls a couple times.
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Good afternoon everyone and I thank the attention and the education of our posts is also the clan against the User sj hacker that we look for honest players and best of all ac
* I also apologize pro and the mushrooms!
* Mushroom and not my friend, but son

* Thank you your attention carefully: Synthes founder of the clan.: * Sj

Mod edit: mushroom = Cogu ;)
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I don't get why revs do this. Blacklist whole clans when a lot of the members are clean. I have played with many sj players and never had a problem with any kind of cheat or hack. Especially with synthes. God damn synthes has never cheated or done anything bad. Just cause maybe a few members cheated doesn't mean that some players are honest and play fair and shouldn't be blacklisted.
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(30 Jul 11, 04:46PM)bballn45 Wrote: I don't get why revs do this. Blacklist whole clans...
I don't know what 'revs' are, but no-one has done this. I've blacklisted two Sj members, both with what I consider to be exhaustive proof of wallhacking.
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Sorry devs*
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