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Hey, i've been banned. What can i do to get the ban removed? I want to play AC, you know. (I've been playing this game for about 2.5 or 3 years)
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What did you do dude?
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If you wanted to 'play' this game, you shouldn't have cheated, wankchops. I generally leave bans on for 3 months.
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what if you forget to remove ban in 3 months?
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I update the list up to 5-6 times every day and each entry is dated. If I do forget or fail to notice an entry I should have removed, it would be for a maximum of a few days. I don't think any of us is going to be crying over a missed second chance, are we?
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I would hope any of us wouldn't be.

Coma, depending on the date of your ban: Come back in three months.

Of course, I assume you can always play with the bots.
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or come to my server. what time are you online? my time zone isEST and it open from 4pm to 11pm
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allowing hackers Bug?
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Also Buggy, even if he were allowed on your servers, he can't respond to the masterserver period, so that's of no use
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It is possible to go onto servers if he knows the connect code.
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off topic: cemer, what is deign forums located?
damn autocorrect. dsotm
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