Poll: Should tread ratings be removed?
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22 47.83%
24 52.17%
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Remove thread ratings
Yes it is laughable, expecting you to admit to making a mistake. Oh and you know what else is laughable? Your responses to my messages once you'd realised what a fuck up you made :)
No need to take the points away though. I was only joking when I made that request as I know you're much too proud of yourself to do that and frankly a percentage on my screen doesn't bother me in the slightest anyway.
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Speaking of "too proud of oneself"...
But alas, Hellspell digresses.
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Why, if you are like me and dont give a shit about thread ratings, do you look at it?
I dont care what rate a thread has, i look at topic first and then thread name.
Of course im looking at threads where the topic isnt reflecting the threads meaning/purpose, but i soon loose interest for it.
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Is it already removed ? So why do you ask? lol :D
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