How To: Multi Servers/One IP ?
Before i posted this i did look through all server threads and did not find an answer to my question.

My question is how to run/setup multi servers with one ip.
(before asking, yes i have all ports open)

i currently am running a server at the moment and was curious about running multi(2)servers.

whether anyone thinks its a bad or good idea, doesn't matter i would just like an answer.

i read in the readme/docs that you add -f#####, but doesn't explain what to do after that?

ex:make copies of certain files and rename
ex:make a copy of the ac_server

i don't know if anything like that is needed or would work just ex: of what i would like to be addressed in the answer.

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You don't need to copy any file
you just have to start another server - with a different port- !
But you can use different files if you want, changing the conf. The documentation is your friend !

Note : you can choose the port you want. But don't use a port already used :p
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It's not good to have "all" your ports open. Just limit the open ports to like xxx1-xxx10 and tell each seperate AC server to use a different port.
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* DrauL h4x0Rz your open ports.
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You can only h4x0rz his open ports if he has insecure services listening on them (like windows :X)
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Bet he has windows xD
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CommandLine Documentation Wrote:-fPORT -> Sets the server base port to PORT. An AC server always uses 2 UDP ports: PORT & PORT+1. The default ports are 28763 and 28764. You need to use different ports, if you want to run several servers on the same machine (with one IP address). For example, use -f28765 for a second server.
Yes what Lucas says, if you run your server by server.bat like me, just make a copy of it (sever2.bat for example). Edit it and add this commandline option -f28765. You should open ports 28765 and 28766 for UDP too. Now on server.bat will run a server on 28763 (Default) and on server2.bat will run on 28765.
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1) make a copy of your server.bat/ file (OS dependent) and rename to server2.bat/
2) make a copy of config/servercommandline.txt and rename it to servercommandline2.txt
3) edit server2.bat/ and change where it says servercommandline.txt to servercommandline2.txt
4) now edit servercommandline.txt with values for server1 (ie ip addy, port and such), then edit servercommandline2 with the values for server2.
5) run server.bat/ for server1 and server2.bat/ to run server2.

you can even specify a different password list for each server by changing the relevent part of servercommandline.txt config and making a copy of the serverpwd.cfg file.
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Thank you, VallDiGna,Billybob

yall answered my question thank you.
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Another question,

once i do the steps, do i need to register this server with the new ports?
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Of course!
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(23 Jul 10, 12:22AM)Gibstick Wrote: Of course!

thanks i will do that

and also y isn't billybobs explanation in the docs/wiki that is the perfect way to explain it and the easiest way to understand it.
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flowtron said it himself, the docs are either completely lacking or overly complicated. :D
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(24 Jul 10, 02:21AM)Gibstick Wrote: flowtron said it himself, the docs are either completely lacking or overly complicated. :D

then y dont they fix it
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Cause they are busy and the docs work fine for most of us (how else did we learn). No one's paying them.
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yeah they are busy, they could have trusted people add things for them. anyway off topic.

thanks for your help everyone.
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