Th3k!D's ban
Is anyone here having the same problem?
are the servers for maintenance?

Mod edit: Title changed to reflect new status.
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I had to ban this IP range because of this player. I hope to have this fully sorted out in a few hours; I'm waiting for a return PM.
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LOL Frito!? he's hacking again?
well anyways this must be a mistake i didn't do anything,i hate hacks i'm from M|A
i play fair...with exception of camp xD
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Ok problem solved,i can play now,have no idea of what happened but i can play now oO

thx jamz ^^
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(01 Jul 11, 09:54PM)jamz Wrote:
// Name: Frit0Son, aka Th3k!D
// Ban date: 2011-06-27
// Ban reason: edit mode, aimbot and more
// Proof:
Joins around 13 minutes remaining. Link to demo.
He has a much larger range than this one IP.

I post this knowing full-well that it could blow up in my face, but I have contacted M|A to inform them of my findings, and explain (as best I can) the proof behind this being Th3k!D. I have no doubt at all and I have posted with TheCrema's blessing.
I've left this thread open for the inevitable 'discussion'.

What the fuck?! Jamz how the fucking hell you say its me? don't fuck up man,open your eyes and see the shit you're doing bro,i did nothing!
And as a proof of you big fail,you told me i was banned for 3 months,how am i able to fucking play?!
LOL Fritoson me? you kidding right?
how the fuck you put my name on blacklist? check this out staff,this one is banning wrong people,and he even dares to say he have proofs,CHECK THIS..
correcting,forget this shit about banning wrong people,i meant he put wrong names on Blacklist,he didnt ban me,as i did nothing
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Not your IP address.
Unleashing a whirlwind of curses won't make things better, right or wrong.
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gg all is the only correct response to this
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gj on removing this hacking scum from our game jamz
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* MykeGregory facepalms

You should be sorting this out in private with Jamz if you havent already. I agree with V-Man, swearing lots is not going to help.
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Put My Fucking Name Outta Here Jamz,Why The Fuck I'm Here?
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Th3k!D... I saw the proof, and it is undeniable.
And you should be a little less asshole. Jamz is mature and responsible, and he checks and re-checks a dozen of times before posting something like this.

So, for lying, cheating, and offending a dev, I am banning you from this forum for one year.

Até 2012.
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If it matters any at this point, I too have seen Jamz's evidence and as usual he's done his homework beyond any reasonable doubt
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Good work jamz, zero tolerance for cheaters.
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#14 is with all the cheaters...and know non-nooby people are starting to cheat :/
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I have three things to say on this subject...

1. Its a great shame that a player such as this is shown to of cheated :(

2. Its good that this will send a message to all cheaters no matter who you are or how good you think you are, you will be caught in the end.

3. My thanks go to Jamz and the rest of the team for keeping the game clean.
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I Have the worst aim ever cheat xD
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[Image: thanks_jamz.png]
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