master server
can anyone help me i dont know why but my master server is not replying and i didn't hack or anything please help me
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You are the cheat in this post. Please don't assume that everyone is stupid.
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i wasnt even home that day only my big bro was home i was at the beach when i got home my master server didnt work so i assume that my internet was lagging so i stopped playing for a few days and its still like this
and thats not even how i play
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Your brother? Oh, my mistake.

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OH MY GOD! We haven't seen that one before..!
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what ever i give up i didnt hack but i wont argue
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Yet you thought emailing RabidViper would help?
Sorry, but whether it was you, or, miracle of miracles, it was actually your 'brother', you know exactly who to blame.
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i know who to blame my brother
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I don't know the details at all, but it's not unlikely at all that it was his brother. I recognize it's a common excuse, but it probably does actually happen.

The fact that IP addresses aren't bijective with people is recognized by the courts!
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Sorry, what the US court rule and doesn't rule isn't other peoples problem.
I, for one, don't live in USA and will not follow the rulings of that country/court.

I use the evidence provided here to make up my mind if i will blacklist or not.
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My only point was that we don't know it was him for sure. For most people, the fact that someone cheated at that IP address is enough. And since he may be innocent, it seems wrong to assume it is indeed him.
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This is really easy to resolve, in the next release or whenever it can be included make players login with a user name and password which they register on AC site. Simple if they cheat to gain advantage in ladders they have to use their name and will be caught, anyone saying someone stole my password deserves a ban for letting it happen!

Problem solved...

Oh and to catch the ones who will just create multiple users on the same IP, I am sure the AC registration process could weed those out.
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well i love this game but if im banned im banned i cant do anything about so my brother cant do anything about so i just stop playing i know i wont get unbanned so no point arguing with anyone
hey guys any suggestions of a new game? if u do post it please.
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@Anderson People might share accounts. People might register two accounts. Account-tied bans would only work if there was something tied to the account such as money or a verifiable identity.

@Nexon Sauerbraten, UrbanTerror.
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for mac please
Sauerbraten is good but i still like assaultcube and u play online with Sauerbraten?
if u can, can i play with you?
WOW they can both go on mac ^^ thnx alot
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Play tf2. Close? :D
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Next time enable and make a computer lock with a password only you know.

System Preferences > Accounts (System)
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Too bad it was you big brother. You can't even kick his ass!! Damn!
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brother, roommate, sister, cousin, friend, the family dog, we´ve heard it all
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yeh yeh well i hit and run its kinda fun if u got a big brother try it
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I also I have an older brother:)

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcShveDdvhdaj9m54GvRVFR...rI8Kug&t=1]
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have u ever hit and run?
last time he caught me and punched me :'( but its fun
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