Looking for HUD mod...
So some time ago, I had to reinstall my AC, and I somehow lost this mod. Here's a screenshot, where you can see the mod. If you have it, please send it to me! :)

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Download it here:
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Ah, thank you!
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The PrimeviL's teamicons aren't included in his packs and can not be found in his website.
[Image: 2rx8kf5.jpg]
(rename in teamicons.png and replace the file in packages/misc/ (or add it in your mod))
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The charset is custom, the rest is the work of PrimeviL. Find it at http://www.primevil.fr/ . You might want to take a look at the graphics from the CarbonMod. They were done by PrimeviL only.
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The charset is custom by PrimeviL.
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