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Info: To use press your "P" key, if you wish to change the key, edit the first line of the script.

*SpamConnect is a feature which inputs the "connect" in the console twice before leaving, so others can follow. [Example]

Latest Updates:
December 25, 2013
- uC servers added

December 24, 2013
- Added: BoB, Sveark, and B} servers
- Server locations are now more specific

December 23, 2013
- Inactive servers removed (version change)
- .45, Gibbed.me, and BoB servers join the menu

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Latest update: December 25, 2013
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//-~-~-~-~AC Private Server Connects~-~-~-~-
//Original idea by Draul, modified by Castiel, then modified again (this script) by |BC|Wolf

//-~-~Config settings~-~-

//Set this to 1 if you want to spam connects when you use this menu. 0 if you dont. You can use a menu for this, however it will reset
//each time you boot up AC with this script installed. If you want the menu to stay through sessions, comment out this line once you have
//ran this script once.
spamconnectbool = 1

//Change this key to anything else. ie: bind "Q" [showmenu "Private Connects"]
bind "P" [showmenu "Private Connects"]

//How to use "spamconnect" ///IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE ADDING MORE SERVERS\\\
//spamconnect takes three arguments, the first is the domain (ip/url), the second the port, and the third the match password.
//Please note that I dont know what will happen if you dont include the password at all, so I decided to play it save and let ya'll
//use -1 as the third argument if they dont have a password. See PB and oNe connects for examples.
//Note that this script will have almost no effect if spamconnectbool is set off.

alias spamconnect [if (= $spamconnectbool "1") [tmp_domain = $arg1; tmp_port = $arg2; if (= $arg3 "-1") [tmp_pass = ""] [tmp_pass = $arg3]; sleep 500 [say "/connect" $tmp_domain $tmp_port $tmp_pass]; sleep 1000 [say "/connect" $tmp_domain $tmp_port $tmp_pass]; sleep 2000 [connect $tmp_domain $tmp_port $tmp_pass]] [connect $tmp_domain $tmp_port $tmp_pass]]

//-~-~Private connects menus~-~-
newmenu "Private Connects"
menuitemvar [concatword (c 9) "BC"] [showmenu "BC"]
menuitemvar [concatword (c 2) "BCFH"] [spamconnect helvete.bcfh.eu 3040 war]
menuitemvar [concatword (c 3) "legacy"] [spamconnect legacysrv.tk 9999 match]
menuitemvar [concatword (c 1) "Mewtwo"] [showmenu "Mewtwo"]
menuitemvar [concatword (c 7) "MyS"] [showmenu "MyS"]
menuitemvar [concatword (c 0) "oNe"] [spamconnect one.asrv.tk 8010 -1]
menuitemvar [concatword (c 2) "Server Of Justice"] [spamconnect ac-jamz.com 20000 match]
menuitemvar [concatword (c 3) "TyD"] [spamconnect tearyoudown.com 21000 match]
menuitemvar [concatword (c 1) "w00p"][showmenu "w00p"]
menuitemvar [concatword (c 3) "PB"][spamconnect bcubed.pbclan.tk 1927 -1]
menuitemslider "Spam connects? " 0 1 "$spamconnectbool" 1 [OFF ON] "spamconnectbool = $arg1"

newmenu "BC"
menuitemvar [concatword (c 3) BC (c 5) " Match Server #1 " (c 3) UK] [spamconnect bcuk.pwnz.org 10004 match]
menuitemvar [concatword (c 3) BC (c 5) " Match Server #2 " (c 3) UK] [spamconnect bcuk.pwnz.org 10006 match]

newmenu "Mewtwo"
menuitemvar [concatword (c 3) "Mewtwo " (c 5) 8888] [spamconnect mewtwo.tk 8888 match]
menuitemvar [concatword (c 3) "Mewtwo " (c 5) 7777] [spamconnect mewtwo.tk 7777 match]

newmenu "MyS"
menuitemvar [concatword (c 3) MyS (c 5) " Match #1 " (c 3) GER] [spamconnect mys.aa.am 21111 match]
menuitemvar [concatword (c 3) MyS (c 5) " Match #2 " (c 3) GER] [spamconnect mys.aa.am 22222 match]
menuitemvar [concatword (c 3) MyS (c 5) " Match #3 " (c 3) GER] [spamconnect mys.aa.am 23333 match]
//menuitemvar [concatword (c 3) MyS (c 5) " 3333 |Match| " (c 3) GER] [spamconnect mys.aa.am 33333 match]
//menuitemvar [concatword (c 3) MyS (c 5) " 4444 |Match| " (c 3) GER] [spamconnect mys.aa.am 44444 match]
//menuitemvar [concatword (c 3) MyS (c 5) " 5555 |Match| " (c 3) GER] [spamconnect mys.aa.am 55555 match]

newmenu "w00p"
menuitemvar [concatword (c 3) "hlin " (c 5) 9999] [spamconnect hlin.woop.us 9999 match]
menuitemvar [concatword (c 3) "hlin " (c 5) 8999] [spamconnect hlin.woop.us 8999 match]
menuitemvar [concatword (c 3) "hlin " (c 5) 7999] [spamconnect hlin.woop.us 7999 match]
menuitemvar [concatword (c 3) "dula " (c 5) 9999] [spamconnect dula.woop.us 9999 match]

So really I didn't do too much to this, although the differences may say otherwise.

  • Added cute comments to seperate it out.
  • Added alias to clean things up a bit.
  • Added the ability to switch on and off the spam messages.
  • Added A B} Connect (see what I did there?).
  • Commented out MyS servers I couldn't connect to?

Most of it is something you wont really notice.

To turn off the spam messages, use the slider bar at the bottom. If you wish to change the default of this bar, change the variable in the script. Its called spamconnectbool, and it is a simple true/false switch. 1 = true, 0 = false. It defaults as true. If you wish to keep your settings through out AC sessions, comment (add // in front of it) out that line after you have ran the script once (booted up AC once).

All of this is in the comments.
As well as all of the next stuff.

spamconnect is the alias used to connect with the possibility of repeating the server name. If the switch (spamconnectbool) is turned on, it will repeat the message twice, and then connect. Otherwise it will be just like /connect. If you are adding connects to this menu, please use this alias. It is used just the same way as connect, except that it may act funky if you dont add a password. If your server doesn't have a pass, put -1 as a placeholder. It may not affect anything.

If you wish to spam connects of servers that aren't on this menu, feel free to use the alias. Again, use -1 if you dont have a password to the server. Look at the PB and oNe connects for examples of this.

Another example:
/spamconnect bcubed.pbclan.tk 1492
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Playing it safe is a good idea. But I'm pretty sure $arg3 doesn't need to have an explicit "-1" in it just to omit the final argument. You could check it for sane content and display if it has any, or omit if there is none provided. I bet that's why it was made the last argument in the "connect" command.
Now where is that "cconnect" script I made?...
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[Image: lnLhA.png]

1) Three new servers added to the list (two B} servers, and one from eQ)!
2) Servers in the main menu are now ordered in alphabetical order for a kewler view!
3) You now have the ability of whether or not to use the *SpamConnect feature!

Please report any bugs or problems if you find any, and once again, if you know any other private server please post it!

*SpamConnect is a feature which displays the "connect" in the console twice before leaving, so others can follow (example).

Get the Script

[Image: rhlun.png] [Image: iheWg.png]
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Nice job wolfy. Im likin the colors :P
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I think theres a bug, the option when you choose 'No' doesn't go to any menu for me.. it just closes.
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Oh thank goodness I have my private menu:) because I do not see nowhere DES should be that no longer exists

[Image: 20110612131309acdesertt.th.jpg]

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(12 Jun 11, 01:44PM)Shorty Wrote: I think theres a bug, the option when you choose 'No' doesn't go to any menu for me.. it just closes.

It works for me. You said you edited the script, maybe you did something wrong?
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Castiel is such a top bloke
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1) Added hlin 6999 to menu

Thanks given by:
mewtwo is also hitreg bug fix?
Thanks given by:
I don't think so.
Thanks given by:
1) The FD private server (ac.fd.tc) has been added to the menu!
2) File has been packaged including an "install.txt" file for instructions.

Check first post.
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Just make a pastebin update everytime, easier that making a new download file.
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Good point, Duckett. Added.

EDIT: Yet another server to the menu, B} Alert. So many private servers these days...
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I'd almost wager a sticky plee for this thread ;)
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B}Alert is actually a pub.
Info here
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Ah, you serious? I saw this and thought it was a private server like Bold and Dauntless.

Thanks given by:
1) The location of servers added, to know what ping to expect
2) The "hitreg bug fixed" notes removed for more space
3) 3 MyS servers removed (not working)
4) FD server removed (now a pub)
5) BCFH server removed (not working)
6) legacy server removed (not working)
7) Server of Justice removed (*not working)

* Jamz has informed me that his server (Server of Justice) is down because he is changing the location. Once that is done, the script will be updated.

First post for download, and thank you :D
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1) Server of Justice is back on the menu, now located in London, UK.
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Another update, YAY:
1) Looks like my logic and guessing sucks, B} servers are hosted in Kansas, not Oregon xD
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Hopefully the last update of the day, and for a while:
1) Typo in the connect for the "Server of Justice", fixed. (thanks jamz :S)
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Double post! Shun!

edit: I also like to add this to my menus_multiplayer.cfg

menuitem "Private Connect Menu"   [ closemenu In-game; showmenu "Private Servers" ]

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You mean quintapost?
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It was only a double post when I left this thread open on my browser O.o
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legacy server back up.

legacysrv.tk 9999 match

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Sorry for the delay.

1) legacy server back on the menu

Thanks castiel :)
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New Update!
- Two new oNe private servers hosted by Undead join the menu, Elysian & Divine!
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Dratini match servers(central usa),

connect dratini.tk 7777 match
connect dratini.tk 8888 match

Mainly for acwc but may continue to run them after. If there are any issues with them just let me know.
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Where exactly in Central U.S.A. are these Cas?
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