[Menu] Private Servers
Thanks for the info, castiel :)

- Dratini servers added... get it while it's hot :O
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While .tk is down:

- /connect mewtwo.cz.cc 7777 match
- /connect mewtwo.cz.cc 8888 match
- /connect dratini.cz.cc 7777 match
- /connect dratini.cz.cc 8888 match

My servers are not down, rather just .tk
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Hi Wolf,

Nice menu and a great idea, i dont know if you are interested but I host a match server for DES. I noticed there was no DES on your menu already so i posted the connect below. This is a 12 slot match server based in Portsmouth UK it gets good ping all over Europe and America with reasonable pings to Oz around (250 ish).

This could be the first of many so let me know how it plays everyone and if anyone has any sugestions for improvements just PM me here or on DES forum. :)

/connect ultrapenguin.co.uk 28790 match
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I made a match server menus generating script for SVN/the next version of AC. Do what you want with the code. :)

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(27 Jul 11, 08:25AM)DES|Anderson Wrote: reasonable pings to Oz around (250 ish).

You sure...? :O
I have yet to play in a european hosted server and experience ping below 300ms..

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Try it, let me know what you get?
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- DES match server added, thank you Anderson :)

Check first post for download.
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- Removed non-working servers (DES, Dratini, eQ, MyS, oNe, legacy, jamz's Server of Justice, w00p's dula server)
- Added HyPE's Deux servers

Please inform me if there is any misunderstanding regarding the servers removed.

The BC servers will be inactive until January, they should be back up sometime during that month.

Every server in the menu should be working, if you notice one that doesn't please tell me :)

Edit: Download link is in first post, but here's on for the lazy lads. Clicky.
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(28 Dec 11, 02:02AM)|BC|Wolf Wrote: - Added HyPe's Deux servers

You spelled "HyPe" wrong, it is suppose to be "HyPE".
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Quick Question: Wat is NL?
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Oh, lol fixed. Sorry about that.
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(28 Dec 11, 02:51AM)Murmer Wrote: Quick Question: Wat is NL?

The Netherlands.
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[Image: vMNCw.png] [Image: sH5FP.png]

Added a few aesthetic fixes and all servers on the menu should be active and running!

Open to suggestions and recommendations. thank you :)

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OMG I literally made this menu today XD
[cubescript]//Private Servers Menu
newmenu "private_servers"
menuitem "deux.cc 22022" "connect deux.cc 22022 match"
menuitem "deux.cc 33033" "connect deux.cc 33033 match"
menuitem "hlin.woop.us 6999" "connect hlin.woop.us 6999 match"
menuitem "hlin.woop.us 7999" "connect hlin.woop.us 7999 match"
menuitem "hlin.woop.us 8999" "connect hlin.woop.us 8999 match"
menuitem "hlin.woop.us 9999" "connect hlin.woop.us 9999 match"
menuitem "dula.woop.us 9999" "connect dula.woop.us 9999 match"
menuitem "tearyoudown.com 21000" "connect tearyoudown.com 21000 match"
menuitem "bcuk.pwnz.org 10004" "connect bcuk.pwnz.org 10004 match"
menuitem "bcuk.pwnz.org 10006" "connect bcuk.pwnz.org 10006 match"
menuitem "eq-match.no-ip.org 5555" "connect eq-match.no-ip.org 5555 match"
menuitem "ac-jamz.com 20000" "connect ac-jamz.com 20000 match"
menuitem "bcubed.pbclan.tk 1492" "connect bcubed.pbclan.tk 1492"
menuitem "bcubed.pbclan.tk 1927" "connect bcubed.pbclan.tk 1927"
menuitem "mewtwo.tk 7777" "connect mewtwo.tk 7777 match"
menuitem "mewtwo.tk 8888" "connect mewtwo.tk 8888 match"
menuitem "mys.aa.am 21111" "connect mys.aa.am 21111 match"
menuitem "mys.aa.am 22222" "connect mys.aa.am 22222 match"
menuitem "mys.aa.am 23333" "connect mys.aa.am 23333 match"
menuitem "o-n-e.tk 8888" "connect o-n-e.tk 8888 match"
menuitem "o-n-e.tk 9999" "connect o-n-e.tk 9999 match"
menuitem "one.asrv.tk 8010" "connect one.asrv.tk 8010"
menuitem "uk.myys.tk 7777" "connect uk.myys.tk 7777 match"
menuitem "uk.myys.tk 8888" "connect uk.myys.tk 8888 match"
menuitem "uk.myys.tk 9999" "connect uk.myys.tk 9999 match"
menuitem "la.dyhclan.org 4444" "connect la.dyhclan.org 4444 match"
menuitem "la.dyhclan.org 5555" "connect la.dyhclan.org 5555 match"
menuitem "Public Servers" "joinservermenu"[/cubescript]
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There are some servers in your script that aren't active.
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I think deux and dula are dead right?

You can do it just by modifying your menus_multiplayer.cfg


[Image: 20120422.jpg]

Hope it can help
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I know :/. Ill remove them later I guess.
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Attaboy Wolf.
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- Removed non-working servers.
- Few minor fixes.

[Image: download.png]
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If Xenon's servers will still be up after ACWC, I'd suggest adding them.
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(06 Jul 12, 07:10AM)ShadowFlameZ Wrote: If Xenon's servers will still be up after ACWC, I'd suggest adding them.
Well, I actually thought of that but decided to already add them but they didn't seem to work at that moment. I'll be looking into it, maybe there were just down for that moment, I'll probably just do what you're saying.

[Image: aM7cm.png] [Image: YSpby.png]

- Added new servers.

[Image: download.png]
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All VPSes affected by the LV7 outage are now back online. We have also added 1 free month of services for all customers who were on this node. If you do not see the free month in your account please submit a ticket and the free month will be added to your VPS.

I do apologise :P Their was an outage so >.>

edit; will be online late tonight so like ~5 hours, depends on how fast i can get on to the issue.
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Good to know, Xenon. Are you planning on keeping them after the WC?
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hurray its finally here!
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ofcourse wolf :)
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- Few edits and fixes
- Added oNe and dyH servers

[Image: download.png]

I'd been having some ideas on this script, so I added a poll on whether if you'd prefer the script to be much more minimalistic and simple or if it's good the way it's going atm. Thanks for the help lads.
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Spamconnect can be improved at the least, you don't need 2 different menus for each server.

My earlier post in this thread shows one idea on how it could be improved.

Basically, you use an alias (variable) that is either set to 0 (false/off) or 1 (true/on) to determine whether or not to use the "spamconnect" feature when connecting via your menu.

By creating your own subroutine for connecting to servers from your menu, you can check to see if the client has the spamconnect feature enabled:

[cubescript]spamMatchMenuConnects = 1 // use 0 to disable spamconnect

matchMenuConnect = [
serverInfo = (concat $arg1 $arg2 $arg3)

if $spamMatchMenuConnects [
loop smc 3 [ sleep (* $smc 1000) [ say (concat /connect $serverInfo) ] ] // spam the connect to public chat 3 times before connecting if spamconnect is enabled
sleep 3100 [ connect (at $serverInfo 0) (at $serverInfo 1) (at $serverInfo 2) ]
] [
// else spamconnect is disabled, just connect instantly
connect (at $serverInfo 0) (at $serverInfo 1) (at $serverInfo 2)

Now, instead of using 2 different menus for every server (1 with, 1 without spamconnect), you can use just 1, heres an example:

newmenu "w00p"
menuitem "idis 28763" [ matchMenuConnect 28763 match ]

newmenu "DES"
menuitem "Godsmack" [ matchMenuConnect ][/cubescript]

When you click on the idis 28763 menuitem, alias "matchMenuConnect" is executed and is passed the IP address - - the port - 28763 - and the optional password - match - as arguments.

The "matchMenuConnect" checks if alias (variable) "spamMatchMenuConnects" equals 0, if it does, that means the spamconnect feature is disabled, and the script immediately connects to the sever. IF alias "spamMatchMenuConnects" is not equal to 0, the spamconnect feature is enabled, and the script will print the connect string to public chat 3 times (once per second) before connecting to the server.

If you were to implement the idea the script length would basically be halved, since menu "Private Connects (SpamConnect)" and all of its child menus could be deleted.
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Did you add the az.dyhclan.org 3333?
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@bballn45: Yep, it's there.

@Bukz: To be honest, if I knew more about CubeScript I would definitely go right ahead and start making the script shorter, though since that's not the case I rather not wander off editing code I don't have knowledge of. I'd rather seek some advice through IRC if you have any free time soon, if it's alright. Thanks for the tip btw.
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I'll modify your latest release and paste it here if you'll use it. :P
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