It is about the Mouse !?
(21 Jul 10, 04:46PM)Timber Wrote: Cheaters
...Are fags?
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Indeed sir!
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Whenever I get mad at my mice (yes I have multiple mice that I use at once), I tend to try playing with a tablet for a while.
[Image: 31%2BC0iBZMFL._SS400_.jpg]
Using one does not at all make you play better, but it makes you start to love using your mouse and when you switch back to it (or them, in my case), all of the problems that bothered you before seem to disappear. I do this instead of wasting hundreds of dollars on gaming mice that have incredibly high resolutions and it works for me.
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A good mouse is 30 dollars.
And its not the resolution, its difficult to play with extreme dpi.
Tablet sounds like a big denial.
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Lol tablet. I tried playing once with the pen. If anyone saw me I'd be blacklisted for a spinbot.
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(23 Jul 10, 11:20AM)Matasar Wrote: A good mouse is 30 dollars.
And its not the resolution, its difficult to play with extreme dpi.
Tablet sounds like a big denial.

It's only difficult if you have an insufficient mousepad and bad mousefeet. Also, a 30$ mouse is unusable at low sens, even thought it has sufficient dpi for the job. It's a combination of many factors...
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Mighty mouse for sure
[Image: mighty-mouse.jpg]

Who needs 2 buttons when 1 will do?!
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wmo 1.1 / ms 3.0 / mx518? (change the feet on them all though and up the polling rate to a steady 500hz)
get a qck heavy or an icemat

problem solved.
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well a good mouse is made of 4 factors:
1. Ergonomy, it should fit YOUR hand and YOUR play-stile else you'll suck anyway even with the best possible mouse sensor and all other factors 100% present.
2. ability to track fast movements, most gaming mouse track up to 4 meters/second, a normal mouse half or 1 meter max. without this you have got a useless mouse.
3. atleast 2000 dpi, if u are a low sens player you wont need as much dpi's as a high sens player does, but you'll need very much the "ability to track fast movements, factor 2"
and possibility to set USB polling rate to 1000hz (1ms mouse response, much faster reaction time, also smoother tracking and by consequence better accuracy)
4. eventually, extra buttons for binding important actions such switch-to-knife or grenade-hold or zoom-script or w/e, it's up to your choice actully..
a normal mouse most likely has:
1. zero ergonomy for ambidestrous feet, most mouses look like a smoothed-rectangle.
2. no ability to track fast movements, you'll never be able to do a accurate sniper twitch, or a 180° turn in a instant.
3. 400 dpi (dots per inch), means the lowest movement they can track is 0,00635cm
when a 5000 dpi mouse tracks as low as 0,000508cm movement accurately
125hz poll rate, 8ms response ideally***
4. no extra buttons.
so do you still think you 5dollars cheap mouse is more than enough for becoming a good player?

TIP to get used easily to a new mouse (same mouse speed feeling ingame, much higher precision for all the reasons above):
set sensitivity to oldsens / newdpi * oldmousedpi

eg. if u had a 400 dpi mouse (most likely) and a sens of 3
do: 3/2000*400 = 0.6
/sensitivity 0.6
(if it doesnt seem equal try 800dpi instead of 400dpi, those are the standard dpi of non-gaming mouses)

in AC 1.1 you can do this: set sensitivityscale to newdpi/oldmousedpi

(this way i think you'll get used easily to the new mouse)
it's also very important to have high FPS or the strabiliant fast mouse response, will get lost between game polls, yes the game polls mouse input once per frame.
so if u have 60fps your ideal reaction time would be 16ms.
with 300fps it would be 3ms.
(with gaming-grade mouse with 1000hz polling rate)
use all this info wisely :D
hope this helps someone.
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(23 Jul 10, 01:07PM)JosipTito Wrote: Mighty mouse for sure
[Image: mighty-mouse.jpg]

Who needs 2 buttons when 1 will do?!

Because pressing Q for scoping is annoying, and it's easier to press the right mouse button than to scroll the mouse for grenades
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whats wrong about scrolling? :(
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(16 Jul 10, 07:32AM)DrauL Wrote: Touchpad.

End of discussion.
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I too like touching my pad.
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The mighty mouse has a right click button. He just meant that it looks smoother then a normal mouse.
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