Who wants to make me a Signature?
With #M|A#KN!F3 on it.
Color scheme green and black.
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Rookie GIMP skills sorry knife, I tried my best:

[Image: knifem.jpg]
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^ Even though the banner has nothing to do with a Knife, I like it.
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why do so many people ask others to create a banner/signature for them instead of trying it themselves? I find it much better having a rather bad sig than having a good one and you got to tell everyone that asks that someone else made it ... thats just my opinion.
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Hey Robtics, want me to make a banner for you?
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You could make me one ;)
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And.... :)
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If you'd like I could make you two one....I need the color scheme though
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Its kinda cheesy:

[Image: vman.jpg]
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White and Green. Smoky :P
With DrauL|Xu. Not so big though compared to V-Man's.
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* V-Man hides behind Drakas
too scary!
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[Image: sigey.jpg]

V-Man ftw!
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where is the "like" button? ^^
should also make my villain suit skin with AE-logo on it xD
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Nice, Robtics.
Except, why am I not camping behind that rock, whimpering stuff about CLA coming to get me?
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Nice! I like it. Ill see if I can come up with one to top that ;D

And Draul, last time I remember, you hated my guts
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I thought you left AC.
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xD I rushed that one a bit, I'll make a more detailled one if someone comes up with another one :P
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(18 Jul 10, 05:23AM)DrauL Wrote: I thought you left AC.

I did, then I came back, couldn't live without Gibstick and V-Man
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Here is some of my photoshop work, If you want i could make you something?

[Image: kyuubinarutolandofearth.jpg]
[Image: itachi11.jpg]
[Image: toobiesscanlines.jpg]
[Image: wolfborder.jpg]
[Image: shuyatutsilencedone.jpg]
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Nice Vermi, some of my PS work:

[Image: smudgegfx3.png]

[Image: e04dbm.png]

[Image: rtny3t.png]

[Image: 2rf9fmw.png]

[Image: carsig.png]

[Image: naruto5a.jpg]

[Image: ascreedi.jpg]

[Image: 11bulqd.png]

[Image: skymq.jpg]

[Image: dgsig4.jpg]

WP: (Warning its big lol so I dont [IMG] it )

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Whoa can i get some of that Assassins Creed stuff? I would love an Assassins Creed based Sig if anyone has interest or time. And use |KH|th3answ=r on it.
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Can someone use their imagination to the limit an make me a sig with a big tit..i?
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Im looking for a sig, if anyone would be nice enough to design one ^^
Just a green and black colour scheme with DrauL|Xu on it ;)
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[Image: 2vkhv87.png]

Link: [img*]http://i33.tinypic.com/2vkhv87.png[/img*] , remove *


[Image: 2hozm6p.png]

Link: [img*]http://i38.tinypic.com/2hozm6p.png[/img*], remove *

Hope you guys like them :)
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I like it! Ty!
I will use this on our forums. ^^
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No problem!: )
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I you look at my avatar I made it :)
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