Artz 'n' Stuff. :3
O hai der.

[Image: URLogo1.png]

My deviantART! Click it, pl0x. :D
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It scares me. Why is it so blurry?
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I screwed up with the text. Click it if you want. It directs you to my devART page.
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How did you make that? Gimp or Photoshop?

The background how did you make that?

And Bumbo the green doll, it looks like it was drawn and somehow improved with the computer...Can you give me the program you did that with?

And Black Cat, what did you use? Did you do the same thing with the Bumbo? Can you give me some pointers on you make these pictures?

I'm extremely in need of these kind of programs if anyone knows any
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#5 don't search step by step tutorials, just code it for example in matlab :)
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The tutorial said: 'This is a short tutorial on blurring techniques for beginners.' Thats a f*cking understatement....

Alien, I'm still confused, what is this blurring tutorial have to do with anything?
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Might as well who off mine too.

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