How do you change the text of the voice commands?

ie. v > 4 > 1 = "Nice shot!"

How do I change the text "Nice shot" into something else? I've seen other people do it, and I completely forgot to ask them. Help, pl0x?
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They're the final strings of config/menus_multiplayer.cfg. Except for the ones that follow "newmenu", you have to edit those values in quotation marks.
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Sorry if I don't get it, but what do I do with the file? If I click on it, a window pops up, asking which program I should use to open the file up. And I don't have a "newmenu" file in config, so I'm not exactly sure if that's a good thing. >_>
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It's a text file, so you can open it with any text editor, like Notepad, Kate, etc... newmenu isn't a file, but a string that you'll find in that file, and that you MUST NOT edit.
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bind "KEY" [voicecom niceshot "PUT WHAT YOU WANT HERE"]

Place the code above into your autoexec.cfg file. Needless to say, edit whatever is in the quotations to your liking.

You can edit any voicecom you want; simply look up the title of the voicecom in your AC directory (should be in audio/sounds/voicecom) and put it after the voicecom in codes like above. Don't include the .ogg after the title!
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Oh man. Thanks a bunch. I changed the program that opened it with Notepad, and now it works completely. Awesomeness. Thanks /b/ro.
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You only need notepad to do it.
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i dont know :/
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