about kirin
kirin ISN'T in IAF structure,don't use tag,have no responsability in the clan.
he is ONLY mark as FOUNDER (and it's the case!) in the forum,no admin right,no moderator right.and i am hardly against!

anything wrong in that for someone?


nobody here is blind except maybe the great famous amazing a&d clan that stef just want to use his virtual power to bring problem to IAF like him and shadow always did.they NEVER give respect to NO IAF,not only people with cheat problems...all IAF...

because i have a brain,we won't play your game and ban you for being the best AC s****rs.we will smile at you and still have fun in this game (things you have lost since a long time) :)

next time be honest and say "i hate IAF,i ban IAF" for me it's a good reason :)
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If you have a problem with A&D, take it up with them. You really didn't need to create a second thread for this. This is going to result in nothing but a flamewar.
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