Assaultcube "Advanced" version...
AssaultCube is a game made for people with lower quality computers, so that they can get a taste of real FPS games. We have mentioned in this thread already countless times that upgrading the engine would kill the main motive of this project. (at least, IMO, it is the main motive)

I don't think you realise that AssaultCube and Cube/Cube 2 are two completely different games, made by completely different devs. The devs of AssaultCube did not build the Cube 2 engine, the devs of Cube and Sauerbraten did.

I haven't quite made my mind up about your attitude yet; whether you are an arrogant person who doesn't seem to take in any con's of this topic or a stubborn who simply won't rest till he gets what he wants. You, insulting others such as aerke and listing the same points which have been contradicted already isn't gonna get you very far in your goal.

Get a grip, son.

I know That AC And Cube 2 is 2 different games, i'm not stupid!!! And i dont annything against ärkefiende. Please, dont talk obout attitude, i know the goal for AC and i'm really listen obout what all of you says. If i hurt somebodies feelings i apologize. But i dont take shit from persons who only want to make someone else angry. And i'm not a arrogant person!!!
(12 Jul 10, 09:45AM)Zomg! Wrote: You know, all of you guys are being overly chauvinistic and rude by linking to that article on
I mean seriously, the op obviously likes AC, but he wishes it looked better graphically. Instead of immediately shooting him down and insulting the shit out of him why didn't any of you guys nicely explain the reasons why Assault Cube remains on the cube1 engine and how he could start a new project similar to ac on the cube2 engine if he wanted by himself. Cmon! Assault Cube sucks because of newcomers? Are you trying to keep new members away from AC?

Thanks for being nice, btw My "name" is HPKiller
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Okay, HPKiller. I get what you're wanting to ask about. But AC (as said before) is meant to be on the minimum requirements (which is why it runs on my computer :) ). If you want help making a game based on the Cube 2 engine, feel free to ask around. BTW, I'm making assumptions here as I'm not part of the modding community here.
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You people really enjoy repeating yorselves. He gets it. Now HPkiller, would you like this to be closed?
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(12 Jul 10, 02:00PM)Lightning Wrote: You people really enjoy repeating yorselves. He gets it. Now HPkiller, would you like this to be closed?

Yes, i have understand it all, since the beginning! It was only an idea i thought about and i realise useless to go on with this. you can close it...
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could you explain me what you said in swedish? :P

Hej dår! :)
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Does not matter if you made it look like Crysis 5, ppl would still try to optimize it to be as smooth as possible and in the end it would look like AC anyway with all mods and tune packs.
People that want best gfx in games choose the new million dollar games, the others that understand that GFX is not everything will choose other games.
You ended up here right ? How did you get here ? And what did you really search for ?
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* V-Man working on a Halo 3 mod to make it look like AC 1.0.4...
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Someone please close this...
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Just this final comment:
AssaultBraten (or actually then "ActionBraten") had been on the potential TODO really early on; but every time I've asked about it there are still too many that rely on the low-end aspects of AC to have at least some game they can play on their boxes.
The community of AssaultCube is rather heavily split in this regard - there's a lot of people with machines geared toward gaming that want higher quality graphics and effects and on the other end of the spectrum a number of players that still need to use all toggles available to reduce the load on their machines to get to play it at something approaching acceptable framerates.
I've had a number of long discussions about this with various people of both camps.
We will try to pander to the high-end spectrum as much as we can, but without actually switching engines we can only go so far - and that is just out of the question if we want to keep it accessible for the low-end of the spectrum.
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