More sniper scopes...
More sniper rifle scopes here:

So just for a little bit of GIMP practice and to kill some time I decided to recreate all these sniper scopes in AC. Figured I would share, maybe others will enjoy them:

Duplex Crosshair
Fine Crosshair
German Reticle
Modern Rangefinding
Old Rangefinding
SVD Type
Target Dot

Template Scope
No Crosshair

You'll probably want to use the no crosshair as your sniper scope crosshair otherwise any of these that go up to the center or run through the center will look weird without it. I'm quite the noob at anything GFX and GIMP related so don't judge too harshly. :P

Enjoy. :)
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You could have made the 'no crosshair' at a size of 1 x 1 px. ;)
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I really like the crosshairs, i assume they're lined up well?

But the rest of the scope could use something. . .

How do you find center in GIMP? all of my scopes are made using the default scope as a model. . .
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I use vertical and horizontal guides at 50% each to find the true center of the image, dunno if there is a better way or whatnot.

Edit: To answer your question after lots of testing I feel that they are very well aligned.
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Okay, thanks. I never used the guides. . .I always used the grid.

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This. Do eeett

Also, SVD type and Modern Rangefinding are awesome.
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These are awesome, good job Bukz.
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Nice! I like 'em.

Great job Bukz :D
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But you all know the chevrons are useless, right? The sniper bullet doesn't drop with range |:D
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Sure makes the scope less boring though. |:D
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(04 Mar 11, 01:02AM)VenteX Wrote:

This. Do eeett

Also, SVD type and Modern Rangefinding are awesome.

* Bukz epic gravedig

You'll prolly want rangefinder 2 or 4. :)
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Awesome, never seen these :O
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Thanks for sharing those scopes!
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Holy crap Bukz, 13 month gravedig.
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these are nice scopes but it sucks for me since when i snipe my lag causes alot more recoil then a normal person with no lag shooting like i will admit i ain't a hacker but i can also shoot through walls but i avoid not doing it so i don't get accused off hacking sometimes i hate lag
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Funny you've come up with these now Bukzy, I recently dug out some scopes from my archives too, mines are more recent in design...

[Image: scope.jpg]

I'll post them on AKIMBO when I've found them all out (bit of a mess in my archives)
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john daniels, don't stop it. you don't shoot through walls, the lag just makes it seem as if you do :p
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rangefinder scope is perfect for huge maps like ac_scafold
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Nice scope package bukz! I'd love to see more soon.
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you guys are fancy... this is my scope:

[Image: scope.png]

Thanks Bukz for your work!
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