Poll: Would you Play in the AC World Cup if there was one
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48 92.31%
4 7.69%
Total 52 vote(s) 100%
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World Cup AC
(09 Jul 10, 06:16PM)Andrez Wrote: Can't wait... Even if I'm not going to play :D

And by the way, it would be much better to have European Cup, American Cup, and so on :D

AGREED. Or we could bring back the dust 2 servers. :P

40=$) if you press shift so thats all i can say.

edit: we could do preliminaries for a team but well meh thats just too hard and then the best wont be together.
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Orynge: no, me and r4zor will decide. gg all
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^: I know, I'm just putting out suggestions.
v: I know, I made the suggestion before the new thread.
Anyway, good luck to all of those competing.
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Wrong thread. :D
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I want to get on the USA team is there somewhere I can try out at or do they have a website so I can see about the AC cup
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