*IMPORTANT* Blacklist player
//Ban Reason:Real Life threats,Clan Imposter,Faker,impostering all clans.
//Server: |DTF| Server & |DTF| Training Server

Player Ip:

[] |DTF|likeurmom says: 'does anyone want to join dtf we r accepting applicants again'

hes been recuiting people in other clans also not just DTF. hes been taking other peoples names so he won't get banned,kicked,etc from the server.
Server clans having trouble with people that are not in the clan an telling the fakers to take it off but they won't so there getting blacklisted for faking,imposter.
Please blacklist him.

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Please use this thread to report offenders.

Anything else, please start or use a different thread.

Things that help when reporting an offender:
* Name(s) used.
* Date/Time (including timezone).
* Server it occured on (including IP/Port of the server).
* Demos/Screenshots of the offense(s).
* IP (or a partial IP).
* A detailed description of what they did.
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I think you forgot a link there, Draul.

Post that here, with the template Draul provided.
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And please, make sure to include the proof about threats.
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