[closed] No Respect 2
Hes in my server today 1/14/2011

Please i don't know him!

IP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Nick: |FOX| X-Ray-Dog

Servelog today:

[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] |FOX|X-Ray_Dog says: 'Hey |uRs|Pufe, I have bad news for you...you are our of your clan...sorry, you must take clan tag off ASAP', SPAM detected
|FOX|X-Ray_Dog says: 'Take off the |uRs| part of your name NOW!! Or else you will be ban from the entire game'
[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] |FOX|X-Ray_Dog says: 'Yes, but we have talked it over here at the headquarters and you must take it off NOW!!!!!!!!'

Please AC admin Ask me what i do?

Thank all


// Mod edit: IP removed.
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You just made a thread about this mate.
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Use No Respect |FOX|X-Ray-Dog

ursopufe pls dont start multiple threads about same topic.
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