Videos for the "Pics/Flick" section
Hey, if anyone would like to make a video to be featured in the pics/flicks section, here's the requirements:

a) The video must of decent enough quality.
b) You should be using default settings in the video.
c) No vulgarities should appear throughout the video.
d) Console text should be turned off or be some-what un-noticeable.
e) Default AC maps only.
f) The video should be interesting.
g) Any music should be without copyright issues, and should be of an ambient nature.

I look forward to any submissions, thanks :)
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Should any music be copyright free?
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Ingame sound maybe is prefered if its for showing of the game itself ?
I gonna try rec some riflejumping and stuff for tutorial/guide/tricks.
Someone should make a map with distant battlesounds as ambient sound, it adds alot of realism.
Can mods be used in video or does it have to be original game ?
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No mods. The videos should be of a "vanilla" flavour ;)

No tutorials will be put on that page. You can put reviews, commentaries, etc.

I may also add screenshots if people come up with some really good ones. They need to be of default FOV and no console text.
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if drakas is okay with it, some of the ladder videos are a very good presentation for the fast paced style of the game :)
and also encourages players to play more intensively and for the ladders
it could be good
those are my 2 cent's
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hey !
i just made a pic which includes some of my skins..! not so cool..! but this is what i made ! :)
hope you all like it !! here are the link's :
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iOD members have made many videos for assault cube. Not the best out there, but if you find one you fancy here's the link. Ive got one with no HUD, so you could use that. Kirin makes a good point, check out some of the videos entered into drakas ladder competition. also to clear a few things up:

everything must be default
Console is to be removed

is that all the video needs to comply with? plus great editing and gameplay :)
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pretty much. To be honest, most of this is subjective.
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Sounds interesting. Right now i dont have a good screen capture software. So ill do screenshots.
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Try WEGAME for screen recording, its 20x better then fraps regarding CPU work.
You can manually edit the fps it records by finding the "wegame.ini" file in application data.
I can record at 70fps with it and still do an important clanmatch.
Also defrag your HD before recording, its makes a huge difference to how smooth the gameplay will be when you record and play at the same time.
With high FPS record you can make very smooth videos.
But expect large video files, a 10 min game can become a 4-5gig file.
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Is it for Mac?
Are there watermarks?
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There are no watermarks for Wegame, but xFire, if you have it, provides better quality in my opinion
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this isnt the place to dicuss different screen recording programs...
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Its not ?
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its to suggest videos and pictures for the website, right?

though i guess there wont be much talk, carry on..
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Lol... it's slightly related but...

Randum (Or anyone else who can answer this question)

Define ambient? Like, what would be an example
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I would like to know that also..
Having powerplant ambient isnt to fun to listen to.
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My point exactly... because when I think ambient, I think animals and things, and does this mean we aren't aloud to use actual music? i.e: EndeverafteR - Road To Destruction
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again, it's very subjective.... maybe stick with music that has no, or minimal lyrics.

Basically, I don't want the music to distract from the vid itself.

I would suggest, maybe check the music with me first on IRC, before trying it with the video.
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Mark A. Pullen's (author of cube and sauerbraten music) music imo is an idea..
it's powerful for a game but still has no lyrics
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oh, btw, no bots.
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There's one video on the pics/flicks section that isn't available anymore. It's the ac_douze osok one.
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Whew, thank goodness.
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