Making Mapmodels
how do you make your own mapmodel?
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You'll need to create the 3D model, then put it into your map settings .cfg.
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Has anyone noticed that the park bench map model is clipped further back then it needs to be?
I used the park bench model (not up against a wall) in one of my maps and when i try to walk behind it, I am blocked and have to move even further back to go around it. The front of the bench is properly clipped, however the back is not which makes it unusable as a cover.
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Start with Milkshape 3D or Misfit Model, then try Blender + exporter.
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I believe mapmodel clipping is accomplished in a map .cfg file, though I haven't messed with those enough to really know for sure. ;-)
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Yes, you are right for the most part V-Man, however, more complex models usually are clipped ingame.
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