How do you Make you own master server?
How do you Make you own master server?

i would like to have a master server like:

do you know how?

P.S. i got my hosting and eveything
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Tbh, i think you would need to fork the AC... and do something like: JragonCube.
But there is a flag -m, where you can set up your own masterserver... good luck.
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Now why would you need to host a seperate masterserver in the first place? 40+ already has one and I don't think it's going well.
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Having your own masterserver is completely pointless, you've already got LAN servers, the only need for one would be to cater to the noobs/hacker servers that get bl'd from the official MS.

The only thing I could see a custom masterserver having any use for would be for GEMA players.
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Well a alternative masterserver could get away without the retarded restrictions the official one has. So that right there would be a viable reason to host a new masterserver.
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retarded? By them you mean those which prevent the whole game from going down the drain?
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You should expect a slaughtering of the english language when registering to these forums V-Man. :p
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This will show you how to make a master server:
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LOL It was loading and then I saw the title at the top of the browser and freaked out and closed it :) I'm safe :D
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No, you fail.
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