Sniper pistol combo firerate
How fast can you shoot 1 snipershot followed by 2 pistol and finally 1 snipershot again ?
Does anyone know ?
Is it possible the same time it takes to fire 4 smg bullets on auto ?
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i wouldn't think so, without some kind of mega script
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I dont think normal players can do that :/.

Your basically saying that shooting a snipe, then switching to a pistol and shooting two bullets and switching back to a sniper and shoot a bullet has the same rate of fire as an smg, which I think is basically impossible.
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Ignoring the human aspect of actually scrolling or pressing a key, it takes 1500ms to fire two sniper rounds. Four SMG rounds can be fired in 240ms (3 x 80ms gaps).
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bind MOUSE3 [if (= (curweapon) 7) [attack] [secondary; attack]]
bind MOUSE1 [primary; attack]
bind MOUSE2 [ if $editing [ showmenu editing ] [ altaction ] ]
Press MOUSE1, MOUSE2 three times then MOUSE1 twice.

Using this script with an added bind MOUSE 1 [primary; attack; echo (millis)], I calculated the time between the first millisecond echo and the last. I got 1495ms. Nowhere near the 240ms of the subgun.
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Well i guess you will need a very good hack for that :d
Or an smg on fps 10
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How long for 1 sniper and 2 pistolshots then ?
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1500+160+160 = 1820 msec
4 AR shots = 480 msec

These are the current 1.1 SVN values.
If I remember correctly, 1.0.x has AR=130 and Pistol=170
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Smg is 80ms ?
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Yes. You can see these values in /source/src/server.h - scroll all the way down.
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or in the docs

[Image: wepstats.jpg]
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