Operator Abuse in AC IRC
Today in the AssaultCube IRC channel I was having a friendly chat with some of my good friends, when I was ruthlessly banned by one of the operators there, DES|Medusa. There was no reason given for this ban. However, from the conversation we were having, I was able to conclude that the reason for the ban came from two statements spoken by me months ago. Looking back on these statement, I admit I should not have said them, and that they were wrong. Despite this, I feel that it is unnecessary to ban me for something that happened so long ago, and had absolutely no relevance to what was currently occurring in the channel. Not only that, but I also view this ban as slightly hypocritical, considering I had been called a 'dickhead' just minutes before by Medusa.

To me, this ban is a representation for something far more sinister occurring within the community, something akin to discrimination. I can not think of anyone else within the community who would be banned for statements they made months ago, and I attribute this ban to my 'unique' standing within the community.

All in all, I hope we can peacefully resolve this issue, and I can once again chat with my mates with comfort in the AssaultCube IRC channel.
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(1738 39) ( Sweatha) i press the big X
(1738 50) (@DES|Medusa) i'll do it for you
(1738 55) ;;; mode/#assaultcube (+b Sweatha!*@*) by DES|Medusa
(1738 58) ;;; Sweatha was kicked from #assaultcube by DES|Medusa (Sweatha)
(1739 17) ( SKB) thank you sir
(1739 27) (@DES|Medusa) :D
(1739 48) (@DES|Medusa) you forgot "God bless you" :P
(1739 55) ( SKB) oh
(1739 58) ( SKB) ym bad
(1740 21) ( NightHawkd) o.0
(1740 33) ( NightHawkd) Wow XD
(1740 47) ( SKB) damn it Andrez|HTC!
(1741 10) (+Andrez|HTC) pff, it's Jack-is fault!
(1741 27) ( SKB) btw, i don't get 2012 part
(1742 12) (+Andrez|HTC) nvm :D
(1743 13) ( MusicMan10) idk why we didnt keep that guy around
(1743 20) ( MusicMan10) we need more people like him in ac
(1743 30) ( SKB) it's better for him
(1744 18) (+Andrez|HTC) we also need more hounds for people like him, but we can't have anything in this life
(1744 47) (@DES|Medusa) we have you MM10, that's more than enough
(1745 03) ;;; Mob|RandumKiwi ([email protected]) has joined #assaultcube
(1745 08) ( MusicMan10) we also have undead
(1745 17) ( Mob|RandumKiwi) Yar
(1745 22) (@DES|Medusa) hoi RK
(1745 43) ( SKB) hi
(1745 50) (@DES|Medusa) there's a difference between you and undead
(1746 04) (@DES|Medusa) i like undead, you.. nah!
(1746 25) ( MusicMan10) because im a generally meaner person than undead
(1746 31) ( MusicMan10) undead jokes and makes fun of people
(1746 32) (@DES|Medusa) no
(1746 35) ( Mob|RandumKiwi) i feel like i'm back at school... So much to learn :-(
(1746 35) ( MusicMan10) i actually hate you all
(1746 37) (@DES|Medusa) you're an eikel
(1747 11) (+Andrez|HTC) Undead can also map
(1747 12) ( MusicMan10) no i am most certainly not an acorn
(1747 15) ;;; J0l ([email protected]) has quit (Ping timeout)
(1747 41) (@DES|Medusa) dickhead.. it's dickhead :P
(1747 54) ( Mob|RandumKiwi) acorns get eaten
(1748 18) (+Andrez|HTC) meh, I'm gonna sleep, have fun
(1748 19) (+Andrez|HTC) cya!
(1748 21) ;;; Andrez|HTC ([email protected]) has quit (Quit: Sto andando via)
(1749 28) ( Mob|RandumKiwi) tempura is awesome
(1750 02) ( MusicMan10) well i am not that either medusa
(1750 14) (@DES|Medusa) oh trust me, you are
(1750 39) ( MusicMan10) i haven't ever even bothered you
(1750 44) ( MusicMan10) though i have thought about it
(1751 03) (@DES|Medusa) don't lie
(1751 27) ( MusicMan10) but i havent
(1751 52) (@DES|Medusa) now you're a lying eikel
(1752 56) ( Revert) I just discovered that unwrapping a model is the equivelent pain to giving child birth.
(1753 04) ( MusicMan10) ive bothered halo, pwnage, drakas, jiba, jinnie, jaybeef, r4zor, ruthless, tipper,
                        [email protected], skb, shield, $hield, shorty, apanda, zarj, foo, yata, vermi, bunnysoul, jamz,
(1753 07) ( MusicMan10) but never you
(1753 13) ( MusicMan10) (yet)
(1753 21) ( FooQ) you haven't bothered me lol
(1753 26) ( MusicMan10) i made u leave kh
(1753 31) ( MusicMan10) dont deny the truth
(1753 31) ( SKB) bothered as in?
(1753 37) ( SKB) failing at trolling
(1753 45) ( FooQ) no
(1753 50) ( FooQ) I made KH leave me
(1753 54) ( SKB) lol
(1753 55) ;;; boeck ([email protected]) has quit (Signed off)
(1753 56) ( MusicMan10) i feel ive actually done a rather good job at trolling
(1754 09) ( MusicMan10) considering im on the TyD blacklist four separate times
(1754 15) (@DES|Medusa) 23:07  |KH|MusicMan10: "Medusa is just a straight
(1754 22) (@DES|Medusa) :P
(1754 24) (@DES|Medusa) never?
(1754 30) ( Revert) Hm
(1754 35) ( MusicMan10) thats a quote straight from boomhauer
(1754 41) ( SKB) that says "+b me"
(1755 02) ( Revert) Adobe CS5 Package torrent for Mac ftw!
(1755 29) (@DES|Medusa) no.. this says "+b me"   23:06  |KH|MusicMan10: hi im hitler
(1755 40) ( MusicMan10) lmao
(1755 44) ;;; mode/#assaultcube (+b MusicMan10!*@*) by DES|Medusa
(1755 48) ;;; MusicMan10 was kicked from #assaultcube by DES|Medusa (MusicMan10)
(1757 05) (@DES|Medusa) awww.. he's angry
(1757 08) ( SKB) lol
(1757 22) (@DES|Medusa) 0:56  MusicMan10: ok well considering that wasnt in the ac channel and was a fairly long
                        time ago i dont think it warrents a ban
(1757 25) * DES|Medusa scared
(1757 48) ( SKB) do devs give a shit about him?
(1757 57) * SKB curious
(1758 49) (@DES|Medusa) probably not but i don't give a shit if they do
(1759 28) (@DES|Medusa) banning MM10 feels almost better than sex
(1759 46) ( SKB) umm.. really?
(1759 59) ( SKB) that's messed up D:
(1800 48) (@DES|Medusa) you should try it next time :)
(1800 51) ( SKB) btw, quoted
(1801 04) (@DES|Medusa) :0
(1801 27) (@DES|Medusa) i deny everything
(1802 08) ( SKB) i won't post
(1802 31) ( SKB) if i do, it'll be not soon D:
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gj AC community.
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You were banned because you are a stef fanboy.
JK but it's like the fifth time.
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(06 Dec 10, 01:51AM)Gibstick Wrote: You were banned because you are a stef fanboy.
JK but it's like the fifth time.

It wouldn't be the fifth time if I wasn't unfairly banned.
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I'm sorry! I'm sorry you trolled Brett out of AC so that he wasn't there to op me and so I wasn't able to save you\!
BTW unbanned, I apologize on behalf of halo, pwnage, drakas, jiba, jinnie, jaybeef, r4zor, ruthless, tipper, [email protected], skb, shield, $hield, shorty, apanda, zarj, foo, yata, vermi, bunnysoul, jamz, sercarty
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DES|Mudusa, next time, please put this as your ban reason.
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I propose a permant ban of this troll.
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Which one?
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The most obvious one, aka Musicman. He has no other purpose than trolling, at least I have not witnessed much else coming from him.
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(06 Dec 10, 04:16AM)Panda Wrote: The most obvious one, aka Musicman. He has no other purpose than trolling, at least I have not witnessed much else coming from him.

Please read:

Zarj Wrote:5. Be civil and show respect to other users on the forums. Keep personal attacks and other types of flaming off of this forum.

Zarj Wrote:6. If you are not browsing in the off-topic forum, don't post something that is entirely off-topic to the thread. Make your own thread in the off-topic forum if you have something else to say.

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MusicMan10 moaning about unfair bans in IRC, that's rich. You know he is still fishing, right?
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Ya know MM10, you dont keep that list up to date much. DrauL wants to be added to the list of people you annoyed. Please see AC Radio as a reference. Thanks.
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LOL, cmon guys, he is musicman10. our personal all-days troll
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MusicMan10, you could show some respect in IRC and ingame too and not only on the forums because its in a rule. Treat others like you want to be treated yourself and as you said yourself, you are a mean person. Why should others respect you if you dont show respect to them. Why are you even here when you hate us all? Trolling, thats it.
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After all, gotta love how you suddenly come up with THE RULEZ when it's about defending yourself. I have never witnessed much respect from you tbh.

EDIT: I almost forgot, this
Quote:|KH|MusicMan10: hi im hitler
would usually get you blacklisted if said in-game.
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BEST INSULT EVER DONE TOWARDS ME: <MusicMan10> i'll be sure, you rat-faced border hopping cunt.
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Behave on IRC channels, and you won't get banned. Closing this thread, as it's lost its purpose.
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