[TUTORIAL] SVN on Windows
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[TUTORIAL] SVN on Windows

What is SVN?
Subversion (SVN) is a so called versioning system (other examples: Git, CVS) which allows multiple developers easily commit their code. This way they can work at the same time on the same code without destroing the work of a different developer.

Why should I download AssaultCube via SVN?
This way you can test the current development version of AssaultCube. At the moment the developers work hard for the release of 1.1.0. Help them testing it! Using SVN instead of a simple HTTP method allows you to simply download the updates. This way you don´t have to download the whole stuff every time.

What do I need for SVN and testing the client?
For SVN itself you need a SVN client. For Windows there are many out there. You could use a command line version (you can find some here: subversion.apache.org) or a client with a graphical user interface (GUI). As Windows user prefer the last method I will use a GUI client. The two most known are SmartSVN and TortoiseSVN. As I prefer TortoiseSVN I will use this one for my tutorial. Download it and install it. You (may) have to reboot your PC. Also AssaultCube needs stuff like OpenAL and Visual-C++ Redistributable 2008. If you already have AssaultCube 1.0.x you will not have to mess with it.

The tutorial:

First thing you have to do is a so called checkout. Create an empty dir (best: a directory you have full access to). Right click and do a checkout like in the picture shown above:
[Image: 69420401.jpg]

Now you have to tell TortoiseSVN where to get the sources of AssaultCube. The correct URL is:
The form looks like this:
[Image: 29643102.jpg]

A window shows you the current progress of the checkout. If you can see this you´re done:
[Image: 19879088.jpg]

Congratulations! You now can play the latest version of AssaultCube. But well, as there are many contributions to the source every day you won´t have the newest version for a long time. To ensure you play the latest version you have to update it manually before starting the game. To do this again a right click (ensure that you are in the directory you did the checkout before) and this time a SVN update:
[Image: 89390098.jpg]

A successful update looks like this:
[Image: 46851191.jpg]

To start playing execute "assaultcube.bat" (don´t use "assaultcube_release.bat"; otherwise you will mess your AC 1.0.x installation). Have fun testing it ;-)

For further questions and additions just reply to this thread.

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I wish you posted this earlier, but thanks anyway :)
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Nah, it just died with the web services overhaul. Great work Aerke!
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Yes, did it some months before. Thx :)
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Thank you for this tut!
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Year ago I would bother to do this

People just want to play the game, why not just have a DownLoad Link once a week with whatever changes are done.
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Because the changes are done too quickly and you don't wanna download 40mb of stuff every week. :D
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(04 Jul 10, 05:20PM)Bullpup Wrote: People just want to play the game, why not just have a DownLoad Link once a week with whatever changes are done.

You´re free to use the link: Click me!
It contains all up to date stuff. But well you have to download it ALWAYS completely!
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Ok I understand about only DL the changes now.
Thanks for the link, it takes about 1min 10sec to DLl 40 mb up in Canada.
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Nothing for a mac?
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^: Nope
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1. I don´t run Mac
2. There has been a tutorial made by Elise
3. A tutorial for SVN on Mac is not needed at the moment, as there are no daily builds (and most would not be able to compile it theirselves
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UPDATE: I changed the URL as our SVN Repo moved.

The pictures still show the old value!
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