Mouse Number?
Is there a Mouse number for the side buttons on the Mighty mouse?

Like how left click is mouse1 and right is mouse2. Some mouses have middle click but mine has side squeeze. Is there a possible way to set it to do something?
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There are 5 mousekeys available:

MOUSE1 (left click)
MOUSE2 (right click)

I think 5 is the side button. Just give it a try, I guess one of those should be working for you.
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MOUSE5 is either scroll up or scroll down.
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Mouse5 is down scroll
I tried binding over it but it didnt work so how to i bind MOUSE5 to previous weapon again?
I kinda forgot :\

/bind MOUSE5 ??
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bind MOUSE5 "universaldelta -1"
resetbinds.cfg is your friend.
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K Thanks, and none of the mouse numbers work for the side buttons and I guess it's because it's not really a button. there are "buttons" on both sides of the mouse i use and when you squeeze them, it shows all windows you have open. So yea. If anyone has a solution post it otherwise Peace.
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If you put these into autoexec.cfg, they work, but you get "unknown key" errors at the start of the game. Putting them in keymap.cfg is not recommended, but removes the errors.
// extra mouse button keybinds
keymap -6 MOUSE6
keymap -7 MOUSE7
On my MX518, MOUSE6 is the larger 'back' button on the side and MOUSE7 is 'forward' button. MOUSE8 doesn't seem to do anything to my other buttons.
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If you're on linux try using btnx. That gives you ful support for all buttons and lets you know what's what. I have a logitech with side buttons
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I've been doing this the easy way by setting the side buttons/side scroll buttons to various unused keystrokes and bind those to what them to be bound to using the program that came with my logitech mouse.
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I have a Mac. and Jamz- So i just copy the code into my autoexec.cfg which I open with like textedit and then I can bind MOUSE6?
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Edit: You can add more keys/buttons in "keymap.cfg" then bind things to them in your autoexec

I'm not a fan of errors in my clientlogs :P
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