hey there can someone tell me how i can see the IP of the players? cause i saw a hacker and wanted to report him, but than i saw that i need the IP.
so i want to report Hackers currectly with their IP and so on

Ps. sorry for my bad english, i am from germany :)

Edit: i am for 3 weeks in the USA with my family, so i cant answer this time
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/whois cn

You only get a partial IP if you're a non-admin (e.g. 127.0.x.x) - every player is assigned a unique "ID" which is called the clientnumber, it is displayed on the scoreboard, use that number instead of "cn".

HTH :)
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thanks for the fast answer

so i will go and hunt hacker :D

Edit: ah and if i want to report a hacker i have to report the full IP or? and how do i get the full?
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You need to be logged in as admin to get full IP.
Just post server it was on and time it was so ppl with access to log can find full IP for you.
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ok thanks m8e
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Aye, server owners can get full IP if you can remember the name of the server you were in, and the time of day (the server's time is best) the cheater was there.

This hindsight stuff is why I want IP info embedded in demo files!

Also: http://forum.cubers.net/thread-165.html
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