[Req] Gibb counter
Hey there I was wondering if anyone here had some spare time to write up a mod/script for counting your gibbs in each game or maybe you bind it to a key. For example you have binded it to the key "G" and when you press "G" it comes up:
"You have gibbed 23 times this game"
23 being the number of how ever many gibbs you have done.

At first I thought it would be good to do for just headshots but I think that is to hard, You could use like a demo analyzer for that I guess.
So if somebody could do that for us that would be great :P

Thank you.
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This is possible and I guess someone skilled with cubescript could do that easily! Sadly, I'm not :D But I think I may give it a try just for fun.

There is something like that in the carbon mod. It counts every kill,gib,death etc. for you. So you know all your stats for every game on every server.
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Carbon mod was fun but i didnt dare to use it for more then 10 mins.
Hitratio was avery nice stat, it made you alert to aim better.
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I don't think it can be done in cubescript. There's no alias related to a gib that I know of.
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Oh ... sorry then!
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Well the CarbonMod did it :|. Sadly people both the who worked on it aren't with the AC community anymore. Maybe a client modification for it? I don't see this being illegal.
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Any client modification is 'illegeal' in first place.
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Even if it gives you no advantage at all?
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Sorry, but what is this double-asking attitude in here lately? I see you're up to what's going on in this forums and you seriously should've been able to answer this yourself.

It is common sense that if you want to play AssaultCube you will have to use the official and up-to-date AssaultCube client. The point is, who is supposed to decide whether it would provide an advantage or not? Just have a look at the brightskin discussion...
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I now see that it can't be done with out a modded client, I do not want to be blacklisted nor use a modified client.
Please close thread to avoid flame war.
Thanks for your information.
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Throw it in the ideas for 1.1 thread.

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