Server help
Ok i used to be able to start up my server like this:

Server Description: XXXXXXX
Message of the day: XXXXXXX
Maximum Clients: 14
Administrator password: XXXXXXX
Server port: *left blank*
Public server: yes
Additional server switches: *left blank*
win service name: *left blank*

But now i keep getting this message whenever i try to start my server.

Master server registration failed: failed pinging server

I need to know how to stop this and get a server up.
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AssaultWiki Wrote:What's with the server wizard?

That's simple: don't use it.

AssaultWiki Wrote:masterserver reply: Server not registered: Could not ping you.
Make sure your server is accessible from the internet and forward your damn ports. This is always the cause: you did not forward your ports!

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I forwarded the ports it still don't work.
Last week i was able to connect to master server.
now i can't.....
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your computer is not set with a static ip. do that, and then forward the ports to your computer.
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port checker, checks if your ports are open:

its only for windows so if u have a mac ur screwed
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purely web based, so it works for any OS.
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doesnt work for udp, which ac uses
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UDP is a protocol, and this has nothing to do with protocol. This tool simply pings your IP on the specified port and listens for any reply (because a reply, even if it's complete garbage, means that something on your end received the ping).
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tempest: you're wrong - UDP is different from TCP in many ways, the sites posted above do not tell you anything about accessibility of your AC.
See: key differences between TCP and UDP and difference between TCP and UDP.

If the MS reports your server could not be "pinged" it means it could not reach you on your INFO-port - if that worked you'll be visible in the server list on remote clients - but you also need to forward the GAME-port, so people do not get a connection-attempt-failure when selecting your server from the serverbrowser.
The ports need to be forwarded as UDP only and you should have two forwards - do not use a range. We've experienced it a couple of times where either the router was set to forward BOTH TCP and UDP - and it FAILED; or when the router was set to forward the range of (default ports:) 28763-28764 and it also FAILED.
Your best bet is to have two seperate forwardings, on UDP only for the GAME- and the INFO-port; if you select your own GAME-port (n) the INFO-port will be (n+1).
The MasterServer-Port is 28760 - but in the usual home-router-setup you'll not be needing any forwarding here, because it's only used via an outgoing connection and your router will DNAT your traffic automatically - that's it's job after all :-)
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How do u even make an effing server from the 1st step? I have windows 7 on my dell, and AC version

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(27 Nov 10, 09:59PM)|KU$H|KidCuDi Wrote: How do u even make an effing server from the 1st step? I have windows 7 on my dell, and AC version

read the docs and wiki and dont use old threads
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ive tried. doesnt work man
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yes they have. everybody else got a server running that way :P

please dont use this thread
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