i just cant play this map. the pickup's dont work.
i have tried deleting all copies on my computer as server just says download or keep either option does not work.i reinstalled AC once and still no resolution.

any help welcomed
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You have full primary ammo, secondary ammo, grenades, hp, armour and already have akimbo.
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Use the /getmap command.
By default, A.C. tell you that you aren't on the good map version and ask you to download the server's one or to disconnect by a menu, Don't push escape and download it.
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Some servers can stuff up who's on different maps. Try typing /map ac_gothic in singleplayer and see if the pickups work there. As other said, /getmap or accepting to download the map when the menu pops up should fix any problems.
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I ask people to send map if pickups dont work (/sendmap)
But since you can't send or receive official maps.
I D/C and then R/C again.
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You just need to type /getmap since the server has the map.
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(27 Jun 10, 03:12PM)François Wrote: You just need to type /getmap since the server has the map.
It would be good for people to take notice of this. You do not need to have someone /sendmap if the map was in the server's maprot. You shouldn't need to have a /sendmap at all on a decent server that has the -PX switch set. The map is already on the server; just /getmap to get it.

In my experience gothic, douze, iceroad, and arabian are the main problem maps where someone has a different version.
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none of the above works. thats why im here asking for help. read my post again

so, /getmap doesnt now.
download map from server does not work. (with or without someone sending)
ac_gothic is default map but not secure so it can be sent
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Does /clearsecuremaps work? We used that in .93 when we needed to send maps that were secured. It may have been changed though.
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ac_gothic differs between 1.0.2 and 1.0.4
Try updating to 1.0.4
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Completey uninstall AssaultCube. Destroy all traces in the My Documents folder. Reinstall. If it doesn't work, you're either a liar or imagining things.
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im using 1.0.4
i dont use my docs directory all in C drive

thanks for help
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What's the date/size of your ac_gothic.cgz and do you have more than one copy of it anywhere in your AC folder, like in the official folder?
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Oh yes.. that program files/mydocs clash was a problem when editing.. possibly could have caused it
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10.4kb no other copies i deleted about 12 that was ending in .bak?
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The .bak copies are backup copies, rename them to .cgz to use them. In retrospect perhaps you should've restored the earliest version of the map :|
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(28 Jun 10, 05:00PM)Blue_Pr!nt Wrote: 10.4kb...
That's probably the 1.0.2 version. 1.0.2 is 10,718 bytes (shows as 10.4 kB in Windows), 1.0.4 is 10,568 bytes (10.3 kB).
Try downloading this to packages/maps (not official) and see if it makes a difference.
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star! it works! Many thanks!

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