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Help.. I keep on trying to make a server in the server wizard but it doesnt work.. it keeps on saying cannot connect..I put in all the details in and left the server and forwarding ports blank so that it could put the default in can someone please help me and please dont say read the docs because ive read them and nothing in there is helping me.. plz help
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Did you forward those ports correctly?
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when you say that you left the forwarding ports blank, what do you mean?
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I mean I want a server that doesnt use my internet, and I cant create the server because my comp wont let it connect can somebody make it for me? give me you email id and ill give you the details
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(28 Oct 10, 08:40AM)arny Wrote: I mean I want a server that doesnt use my internet
Wait, what? Do you mean you want a server that no-one else can connect to?
Well, then...
  • you can safely ignore the error message and just do /lanconnect (in the client, of course)
  • actually, you don't need a server at all
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I've used the server.exe for multi-client tests on a single machine. No internet required. It's rather boring though.
You need to add -mlocalhost to the server's commandline extension, then you won't get that pesky "WARNING: Could not connect" message. Or... Maybe you get the message anyway, but it doesn't hurt you.
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Ok im going to change my words... I need help.. what do I put for the server and the forwarding? and how do I connect the thing to the internet.. it keeps on saying Cannot connect
I know I put 25764 or something for the server port but what do I put for the forwarding and how do I connect it to the internet
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well connect to the internet, then forward your ports. use an ethernet cable or wireless to connect.
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I am connected but the ac thing wont connect.. what I meant by the dont want it to use my internet thing was that I dont want to host it .. can I still make the server or should I give up?
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and how do I forward my ports? what do I put in? im sry im just a noob at this
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in your router, go to port forwarding and insert the ports
28763 28764 udp tcp
have them forwarded to your computer. also, make sure that you have a static ip on your computer.
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TCP is unnecessary, why does everyone include it? Just in case?
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guys I started my server but I cant connect to it
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