Play my own map
hello community
i have a own server and i created a new map! If i want to play these map online on my server, there comes: sorry, but these map does not satisfy some quality requistites to be played in multiplayer mode

What I have to do!
My map is really not bad (it´s not the best, but is ok)
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See "Map Design" guide by Mr. Floppy [guide] Map Design
I'm no designer but i guess its something with «3.2 Scales and relative sizes».

Edit: You'll find link to guide in his post.
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i don´t know what i have to do
my wqd is sometimes over 5000 but not often, only few times.
if i want to type /mapmsg map by xx
there comes: this map is not supportet for multiplayer
What i have to do?
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1) make sure you don't have several pickups very close to each other
2) make sure you have less than 5 (?) tree mapmodels
3) is your map a tower map?
4) does it have large open areas?
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i have four guard towers in map. but there are many razor wires. Does it make sth.?
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"Tower map" means a map with a really high ceiling. Guard towers don't have much to do with map requirements, but is it a wide open map? Take screenshots for us to see.
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ok some screenshots:
[Image: lrhw2rbn.jpg]
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Well yes, I'd say that qualifies as "large, open area".

(And you have a sh*tload of mapmodels too, btw)
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