New AC community/forum
I've formed an AC community called the Assault Cube Lounge. Currently, it has 1 member, but it needs more members.
Here's the link -

Also, I'm new, so is this against the rules or not? I'll delete it if it is (either the thread or forum)
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Sorry, since your new, I'll try and avoid the flaming. There are already plenty of forums, this, clan forums, mapping forums, etc. Thanks for the thoughts, but I think we have enough to be going on with :)
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Also... where is the list of all these forums?
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(Click on the clan you want to view and it will display their website)
By the way this List of Clans is in the process of being updated.

Here is another good website for getting clan websites as these are being updated with new clans -
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Nice forum!
But I think it is a better idea to you apply your energy here.
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What i miss is match site.
Something live for clans to arrange games.
And it should be possible to post the result after match if others want to see.
That should be its priority.
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And the server-based awards. I think that's a good idea.
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